Meghan McCain, I've Read Jenna Bush. And You Are No Jenna Bush

I don't know if you heard and ignored, but Jenna Bush wrote this well-received book about a single, HIV-positive mother in Panama, and everyone sort of stopped thinking of her as the stupider, drunker vainer Bush twin and that was cool. Meghan McCain has a blog that is designed to help her father appeal to younger… »6/11/08 4:30pm6/11/08 4:30pm

Is Chelsea Clinton Too Much Of A "Reg" To Help Her Mom's Campaign?

A column in yesterday's Washington Post advances the critique the media has been trying to articulate ever since she refused to give an interview to that nine-year-old reporter, which is to say: Chelsea Clinton, despite having visited 119 college campuses in 37 states and flown 73,000 miles on behalf of her mom's bid… »5/05/08 3:20pm5/05/08 3:20pm

My Liberal Heart Bleeds For Your Portable Massage Needs, Texas!

Hey, what's that saying about sex and politics? You know, it's weird or something? Like Rudy and Judi. The rhyming names thing doesn't even make the list! Or Dennis and Liz. The Hobbit love thing doesn't even register! Matalin and Carville...OMG don't GO there! Sure, sometimes it gets so weird it all comes back around… »2/14/08 10:30am2/14/08 10:30am