For the Love of God, Put on Some Real Pants and Take Your Phone Out of Your Bra

Years of attempted public shamings and Facebook laments have failed to buck the leggings-as-pants trend. Now, one school in Canada, disturbed by its female students' public displays of camel toe and ass-meat, is laying the law down by formally and officially declaring that leggings are not suitable pants. Meanwhile, a… »5/01/12 1:40pm5/01/12 1:40pm

Teen Retailer Shills Jeggings With Racy Topless, Ass-Wiggling Ads

Supré is a family-owned and operated clothing company founded in 1984, with stores in Australia and New Zealand. Similar to what Americans can find at Forever 21 (though perhaps not quite as inexpensive), Supré shoppers are offered tees, knitwear, jackets, cardigans, party dresses, accessories… and, now, jeggings.… »6/06/11 3:02pm6/06/11 3:02pm