Jeffrey Marsalis: Proof That Sexual Assault Still Isn't Taken Seriously

We've covered the sickening case »11/21/08 4:30pm11/21/08 4:30pm of before, but and given it a little more context. That context is, of course, that date rapes remain extremely hard to prosecute or get convictions on, as 8 of Marsalis's 10+ victims already know... and hopefully one more is about to find out.The results from a study of jury trials…


Can Rapists Get You Off? Our Questions About How Serial Rapist Jeffrey Marsalis Got Away With It, Answered

Prolific rapist Jeffrey Marsalis was sentenced last Friday on the offenses the Philadelphia jury charged him with since they lacked the balls or sanity or whatever to stick him him with rape. And though most rapists who get away with it aren't suspected of raping over a hundred girls, going easy on sex… »10/15/07 2:30pm10/15/07 2:30pm