College Taught Jeffrey Eugenides That Porn Has Nothing to Do with Real-Life Sex

Author and pirate facial hair pattern aficionado Jeffrey Eugenides recently offered college students some off-to-school advice about all the sexy hijinks they think they're about to get into. As someone who was once young and in college, Eugenides can offer some particularly keen insight into what it was like to be… »9/16/12 3:30pm9/16/12 3:30pm

The One Time Jennifer Weiner Got Wasted at Dinner With Jeffrey Eugenides

In recent years, bestselling author Jennifer Weiner has become somewhat of a spokeswoman in support of successful female authors whose novels about families and relationships are more often than not considered fluffy "chick lit" while notable male authors who write candidly about emotional issues are ususally praised… »4/19/12 12:40pm4/19/12 12:40pm