Court Filing Claims Prince Andrew Had Sex with an Underage Woman

And here everybody thought the boringly glamorous younger generation had completely rescued the English monarchy from their scandal-prone elders. Prince Andrew—Duke of York, former husband to Fergie and younger brother of Prince Charles—has just been accused of sexual encounters with an underaged girl. »1/02/15 3:50pm1/02/15 3:50pm


7 Deadening Reasons We Are Better Off Without Bill Clinton Back In The Oval Office

Gennifer Flowers, I think you spoke for many of us humans when you said that you supported Hillary with all your feminist cockles but for her and - these are your words not mine - that "idiot husband" of hers. A new, and controversial, Vanity Fair piece explores the nature of Bill Clinton's idiocy, or more precisely… »6/02/08 11:00am6/02/08 11:00am

Why Superrich Guys Feel Entitled To Keep Underage Sex Slaves

Jeffrey Epstein is this eccentric billionaire who broke news a few months back when it was discovered he kept a harem of teenage sex slaves tending to the extensive collection of vibrators and dildos and lighting the vagina-shaped candles littered throughout his Palm Beach Estate, and today's New York Magazine has a… »12/10/07 10:00am12/10/07 10:00am

Grody Old Man Reveals Secret To Sexing Models Consensually: A MASSIVE... TV!

So if you don't pay attention to certain other blogs you might not know about Jeffrey Epstein, who is a billionaire hedge whatever who paid underage models to have all kinds of kinky sex... and then one of them filed suit .... and it turns out her lawyer is also a model agent and more interestingly also her boyfriend… »10/18/07 11:30am10/18/07 11:30am