Terri Schiavo's Husband Calls Exploitative Jeb Bush Super PAC Ad 'Disgusting'

A new ad from Jeb Bush’s Right to Rise super PAC exploits the story and image of Terri Schiavo—the Florida woman whose family fought to have her removed from life support—in order to demonstrate Bush’s commitment to fighting for life. On Wednesday, Michael Schiavo, Terri’s husband, called the ad “disgusting.”

Pour Yourself a Stiff Drink, Here’s Your Open Thread for 2016’s First GOP Debate

Gather ‘round everyone, it’s the first Republican presidential debate of 2016! Taking place in Charleston, South Carolina, this debate — the SIXTH one we’ve had to endure — will feature the lowest amount of candidates on the stage thus far. Since Carly Fiorina and Rand Paul were bumped down to the earlier undercard…

Jeb Bush Releases Ad About the Less-Hypocritical Part of How He Handled Daughter's Drug Addiction

Jeb Bush’s problem is basically this: everyone knows who he is, and nobody likes him. In an effort to combat that rather ego-killing dilemma, he’s showing a more personal side, releasing an ad about his daughter Noelle’s issues with drug addiction. Bush began supporting more lenient sentences for drug users after…


Jeb Bush on Tamir Rice Non-Indictment: 'The Process Worked' 

The thing about Jeb! is that his tragic, whingeing presidential campaign has caused us to partially forget what a horrible human being he actually is. Lately, we have started to regard him much in the same way we would regard a man in a Nickelback t-shirt crying softly behind us in line at Subway—he’s a bummer, in a…

Bosom Buddies Jeb Bush and Pitbull Have a Friendly Chat About Dogfighting

“Mr. Worldwide” has always been in search of a Mrs. Worldwide, a special someone with whom to share his enormous wealth and love of Miami. Perhaps a fellow Floridian would do the trick! Enter Jeb Bush, formerly of the moniker Jeb!, a man who may just be the future Mrs. Worldwide—or at least Mr. Worldwide, Jr.

Has Jeb Bush Worn the Same Sweater Four Days in a Row? [Updated]

Jeb Bush has been making the rounds in New Hampshire this week, which is perfectly normal behavior for a man running for president. But the many tweets coming from Jeb’s camp this week have included more than just photos of Jeb’s stilted handshakes—they’ve also raised questions. Specifically: Why has Jeb Bush been…