Jeb Bush Would Totally Kill Baby Hitler, Thinks It Would Be Super Rad

Twitter, the gaping void into which we scream, recently fussed over a question posed by New York Times Magazine: if you could time travel to the past and kill Adolf Hitler as a baby, would you do it? Much debate was had, and now 2016 Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush is dipping in his oar. And lest there be… »11/09/15 11:15pm11/09/15 11:15pm

Hillary Clinton Successfully Continues Her 'I'm Chill' Tour at Kimmel

Last night, Hillary Clinton continued her tour on the late-night circuit when she made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. At this point, she’s become a familiar face, from appearances Stephen Colbert to Saturday Night Live, where she performs the most relatable iteration of herself.
»11/06/15 4:20pm11/06/15 4:20pm

GOP Candidates Demand Debates Where They're Not Asked All Those Mean Questions

In the wake of a CNBC debate where the moderators very rudely asked questions of the GOP presidential candidates, those candidates are yelling at the Republican National Committee en masse, demanding more control over the next debate and fewer “gotcha” questions. Also, presumably more questions about just how each… »11/02/15 10:14am11/02/15 10:14am

Jeb Bush Isn't Afraid to Speak the Truth: Supergirl Is 'Pretty Hot'

Fatigued presidential candidate Jeb Bush was being interviewed at the LIBRE Forum at the College of Southern Nevada on Wednesday evening when he was asked who his favorite superhero was. Apparently, he is into Supergirl, the protagonist in the CBS series for tweens who aren’t afraid to lean in. »10/21/15 11:20pm10/21/15 11:20pm

Jeb Bush Won't Try to Win Over Black Voters with 'Free Stuff' Like Welfare

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush told crowds at the East Cooper Republican Women’s Club annual Shrimp Dinner in Mount Pleasant, S.C. (an event and town that both sound fictional) that he will earn the support of black voters with “hope and aspiration” and not with “free stuff,” i.e. universal healthcare or… »9/25/15 5:20pm9/25/15 5:20pm

Rand Paul Calls Out Jeb Bush, Former Rich-Kid Weed Smoker, for Marijuana Hypocrisy

On Thursday, Rand Paul discussed his stance on weed, also known as the one position on which he isn’t totally bananas. In a talk, Paul called out Jeb Bush for flagrant rich-kid hypocrisy: namely, the former Florida governor’s admission that he had smoked marijuana while a student at Phillips Academy is exactly why… »9/18/15 12:14pm9/18/15 12:14pm

Hell Is a Place on Earth: Join Jezebel Tonight for a GOP Debate Liveblog

It seems like just moments ago that we all endured the first debate among thousands of Republicans who want to be president. And yet somehow, both fall and another debate are upon us, twin reminders of the passage of time, the inevitability of death, and the grim unpleasant duties that consume much of our fleeting… »9/16/15 5:30pm9/16/15 5:30pm