A New Way to Feed Your Jean Dujardin Addiction

Just when you thought his charms couldn't get anymore dangerous, Jean Dujardin introduces you to a new brand of cigarettes—and suddenly you're hooked. » 3/07/12 9:05pm 3/07/12 9:05pm

Damon Lindelof Has a Career Prediction for Oscar Winner Jean Dujardin

In today's Tweet Beat, the Twitterati sound off on the Oscars, Kim Kardashian is a gracious invalid, Jackée Harry has a good relationship with her ex and her past work, and Ice T doesn't care what you think about his advice.
» 2/27/12 7:30pm 2/27/12 7:30pm

Jean Dujardin Sleeps With the Best of Them

When The Artist actor Jean Dujardin first cuddled up and took a nap on George Clooney's shoulder, we feared it would be a once in a lifetime moment. But now, thanks to the magic of the internet, we can see Jean sexily sleeping on all manner of famous people. Further proof that our new favorite Frenchman looks good… » 2/12/12 9:30pm 2/12/12 9:30pm

The Artist's Jean Dujardin To Be Cast as Villain in Every Movie

Just what you didn't know that your day needed: a video that combines your recommended daily allowance of your new boyfriend—The Artist's dreamy Jean Dujardin, guns, Muppets, and a hearty helping of laughter. Drop everything that isn't a baby and watch this.
» 2/09/12 2:50pm 2/09/12 2:50pm

Jean Dujardin Snuggles Right Up With George Clooney

Academy Awards Best Actor nominees Jean Dujardin, left, of "The Artist" and George Clooney of "The Descendants" are shown during a group photo of nominees at the 31st Academy Awards Nominees Luncheon in Beverly Hills, Calif., Monday, Feb. 6, 2012. The 84th Academy Awards will be held in Los Angeles on Sunday, Feb. 26.… » 2/06/12 10:30pm 2/06/12 10:30pm