Jay-Z Is Lying About Being 44, Is Actually 50 Years Old, Source Claims

BETRAYAL ALERT. Drop everything! Sound the alarms! Light the beacon of Amon Dîn! According to radio host Troi Torain, noted just-born wrinkle-free pre-teen heartthrob and patron saint of spring chickens Jay-Z has been lying to us about only being medium-old this whole time, and is SECRETLY ACTUALLY AN EXTREMELY OLD… » 3/24/14 8:20pm 3/24/14 8:20pm

Shakira Needs Her Boyfriend's Permission To Do Her Own Music Videos

Oh dear. In an interview with Billboard last week, Shakira let on that her boyfriend, Spanish footballer Gerard Piqué, is pretty domineering. On top of simply not allowing her to film music videos with men (no more 'La Tortura?!'), she had to ask him permission to film the steamy faux-lesbian music video for "Can't… » 3/09/14 11:30am 3/09/14 11:30am

Hey, Where Did All the Women MCs Go?

It feels as if someone started a rumor that 2014 might present a female resurgence in hip-hop. As a person with a vagina, I’d be thrilled if that happened — but I doubt the “Ladies Night” reprise is going down anytime soon. There are many reasons why women — with the exception of Nicki Minaj — are notably absent from… » 3/05/14 5:10pm 3/05/14 5:10pm

Beyoncé Has Already Upstaged the Super Bowl Halftime Show

Sensing, perhaps, that last year's Super Bowl halftime act would be hard to beat and that Bruno Mars already had enough pressure to perform well this evening, Beyoncé kept quietly to herself last night, thumbing through a dogeared copy of Anna Karenina as she contemplated the youthful short-sightedness of Vronksy. Nah,… » 2/02/14 11:30am 2/02/14 11:30am

Beyoncé and Jay-Z Open Grammys With a Hot-Ass 'Drunk' Performance

In case you missed it: Beyoncé opened the Grammy Awards with a super sexxxy performance of "Drunk In Love." Queen B had a black lacquer rotating platform, wet hair and a chair (a la Flashdance) and as soon as she started grindin' on that "surfboart," her husband materialized to spit some verses, walk her down the stairs… » 1/26/14 9:06pm 1/26/14 9:06pm

Robin Thicke Photographed Nuzzling a Woman Who is Not His Wife

Everyone's favorite female empowerment anthemist Robin Thicke was recently spotted at a night club in Paris, getting very close (as in, mouth-to-mouth close) with a woman who is notably not his wife, Paula Patton. This prompted several gossip sites to run stories that are half comprised of repurposed Blurred Lines » 1/21/14 9:09am 1/21/14 9:09am

Blue Ivy Carter Got a $75K Arabian Horse for Her 2nd Birthday (Maybe)

This seems fake and made-up and silly and I haven't seen it verified anywhere, but it also seems kind of totally plausible, so I'm going to go with TRUE. Beyonce and Jay-Z are rumored to have bought a $75k Arabian horse as a gift for Blue Ivy Carter's 2nd birthday (which is today!!!). IT IS ONLY BEFITTING AMERICA'S… » 1/07/14 8:00pm 1/07/14 8:00pm

Saturday Night Social: How Many Sex Toys Can $6K Get You?

According to a hilarious blind item on Radar yesterday, Jay Z and Beyoncé recently visited the New York sex shop Babeland so they could spend $6,000 on sex toys, which should make us all wonder: Did they buy a few really fancy sex toys, or did they buy a whole bunch of cheap sex toys to give away as ironic gifts? How… » 12/28/13 6:30pm 12/28/13 6:30pm

Can We Stop Fighting Over Beyoncé's Feminism Now?

Who's a feminist? NOT Beyoncé! Wait, no — yes, she is! (Now let the rotten tomatoes go flying.) This is a pretty accurate account of the feminist police arguing whether, following the release of Beyoncé's self-titled album last Friday, one even should call the superstar a feminist. Because apparently feminism is a very… » 12/17/13 5:10pm 12/17/13 5:10pm

The New Beyoncé Album Just Got All These People Pregnant

Somewhere between the pussy-eating sex jam "Blow" and feminist author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's cameo on Flawless, I thought to myself, "Holy shit, this new Beyoncé album is getting me pregnant." I took to Twitter to express this, only to discover that the new Beyoncé album is apparently getting a lot of people pregnant. » 12/13/13 4:20pm 12/13/13 4:20pm

Mandela Remembered By President Obama at Soweto Memorial

Earlier today, President Obama delivered a fitting speech at the funeral of Nelson Mandela in Soweto, South Africa. Obama drew on the activist’s struggle against apartheid and his fight for social justice, saying that Mandela’s work made his own political career as America’s first black president possible. » 12/10/13 10:20am 12/10/13 10:20am

Jay Z, Macklemore and Lorde Basically Kill It With Grammy Nominations

The Grammy nominations were announced last night via an ancient Illuminati ritual a concert. Jay Z leads the pack with nine nominations, including those for Best Rap Song and Best Rap Album. Kendrick Lamar, Justin Timberlake, Daft Punk, Lorde and Taylor Swift (TAY TAY SHINES, Y'ALL!) also really cleaned up: » 12/07/13 11:45am 12/07/13 11:45am

Cognac Is French, But Here’s How It Became Black America’s Favorite

So, turns out there's more to Busta Rhymes's "Pass The Courvoisier" than Monique punching him and Jamie Foxx's booty bounce (4:47 people); the rapper also helped further a Courvoisier revolution. Though this isn't new information to most Black Americans — anyone else attended a black event, asked for whiskey and received … » 12/04/13 7:20pm 12/04/13 7:20pm