Jay Z Liberates Himself, Raps About Police Shootings and Trauma On 'Spiritual'

As high up as he is, Jay Z seems to feel just as disoriented as the rest of us, with a similar sense of restlessness, so in the middle of the night he released the song “Spiritual” on Tidal. It was recorded years ago, though it could’ve been made any day in the past few years on which a fatal police shooting occurred.


Listen to Victoria Beckham's Scrapped 2003 Hip-Hop Album With Damon Dash

Things didn’t have to be this way. Since leaving Spice Girls, Victoria Beckham has rebranded herself so effectively that it’s bewildering to imagine that she was ever known as Posh Spice, or doing anything but being a fashion mogul and muse, walking around with severe haircuts and strappy stilettos and compression…


Inside the Autobiography of the Woman Who Claimed She Kept Jay Z as Her Sidepiece

Speculation abounds that Beyoncé’s Lemonade opus is about a cheating Jay Z, and part of it is because Jay Z has built quite the rumored reputation for that over the years. One person who has spoken directly to that is Carmen Bryan, ex-girlfriend of Nas and supposed catalyst for the legendary Jay/Nas beef that…