"The Year Of The Woman": Another Mess For Mom To Clean Up

On The Daily Show last night, Jon Stewart made us watch Joe Scarborough pumping his fist and declaring "women power" because of Tuesday's primary results. And Samantha Bee explained why she wasn't all that thrilled about the whole thing. » 6/10/10 2:20pm 6/10/10 2:20pm

Samantha Bee On Silda: "Does This Skirt Make My Ass Look Humiliated?

On the Daily Show last night ,correspondent Samantha Bee decided to come clean about her involvement with a prostitution ring. Bee discussed the first rule of political press conference admissions: bring a date. She trotted out her husband, fellow Daily Show correspondent Jason Jones, to accompany her while she exposed … » 3/12/08 2:20pm 3/12/08 2:20pm