Gabby Gifford's Husband Stares Down Her Shooter: 'Gabby and I Are Done Thinking About You'

It was an emotional day in court yesterday when former Arizona congresswoman/all-round BAMF Gabrielle Giffords came face-to-face with Jared Loughner, the attacker who shot her and 18 others in Tucson during January of 2011. She was one of several victims to appear in court and deliver a victim's impact statement, but… »11/09/12 10:55am11/09/12 10:55am


Loughner Can Get Well Enough To Stand Trial, Feels Remorse

Jared Loughner has stopped smirking while listening to court proceedings over whether he can stand trial for murdering six people and wounding 13 during an Arizona shooting spree. Based on this and various other signs that his mental health is improving, yesterday a judge ruled that he should continue receiving… »9/29/11 11:00am9/29/11 11:00am

Jared Loughner's Condition Worsens, Judge Allows Forcible Medication

Attorneys for Jared Loughner, who's accused of murdering six people and wounding 13 during an Arizona shooting spree, have been arguing that doctors in the Missouri psychiatric facility where he's being held shouldn't be able to force him to take his medication. His doctors say that the medication could make Loughner… »8/28/11 11:48pm8/28/11 11:48pm

Defense Tries To Prove Insanity Runs In Jared Loughner's Family

Though it seems there's ample evidence that Jared Loughner is mentally ill, his lawyers are now looking back through his family tree — all the way back to 1893 — to prove that insanity runs in his family. Last month the attorneys issued and then withdrew subpoenas to the State of Illinois for records on Loughner's… »8/17/11 11:53pm8/17/11 11:53pm

Autopsy Reports Reveal Details Of Arizona Shooting

Yesterday autopsy reports for the six people killed in the Arizona shooting were released, though lawyers from both sides had said making the reports public could hurt Jared Lee Loughner's chances for a fair trial. The documents show three victims were shot in the head, and 9-year-old Christina Taylor Green died from… »3/08/11 9:25am3/08/11 9:25am