True Detective Season 2 Will Feature a 'Colossal Orgy Sequence'

Your stern tweets and pleas for strong female leads to be cast in HBO' prestige drama have been heard! According to The Hollywood Reporter, two female porn stars have been cast for a Caligula level fuck fest to be featured on the upcoming season of Nic Pizzolatto's gritty crime drama. » 3/19/15 3:50pm 3/19/15 3:50pm

Meet the Woman Behind the Most Powerful List of Women in Hollywood

The Hollywood Reporter's Most Powerful Women in Hollywood list hadn't even come out and it was already been written about, this time in the form of a New York Times piece about how influential the list is. Not on the list but clearly worthy of inclusion: the woman who controls it. » 12/10/14 2:30pm 12/10/14 2:30pm

Gorgeous Hair and Bad Hemlines at the Hollywood Reporter Nominees Night

Last night in Beverly Hills, some of the Oscar nominees gathered at Spago for The Hollywood Reporter Nominees' Night event. No one really knew what to wear, so there were cocktail dresses next to jeans and Snoop Dogg rocked a knit cap. » 2/05/13 11:40am 2/05/13 11:40am

Former Us Weekly Editor Has No Right to Be Pissed About the Post-Baby…

Janice Min was recently humiliated when—at four months postpartum—her manicurist thought she was still pregnant. Min was so riled up that she penned a piece for the New York Times about how unrealistic, unfair, and unkind our attitudes about new mothers have become, expecting women to get back to their pre-baby bodies… » 8/20/12 3:30pm 8/20/12 3:30pm

Vanity Fair Wants Its Women Cattier, Apparently

Vanity Fair has spiked a story about three women overseeing Hollywood coverage — Nikki Finke, Sharon Waxman, and Janice Min — "because it wasn't catty enough. They wanted a catfight story," according to The New York Post's anonymous insider. » 1/14/11 12:45pm 1/14/11 12:45pm

How Tabloid Coverage Exalts Motherhood And By Extension, Sarah Palin

This weekend I couldn't stop thinking about why Sarah Palin, a woman I've never met, upset me so viscerally. » 9/09/08 4:00pm 9/09/08 4:00pm I was appalled from day one by the way she used her motherhood as a leadership credential but, after seeing Palin's face it hit me: Palin is just another link in the Brangelina chain of fetishizing motherhood.…

Sarah Palin And Indulging In "The Liquor Cabinet"

It is way-back week on Crappy Hour, when my » 9/08/08 10:00am 9/08/08 10:00am first Crappy Love, Moe Tkacik, agrees to relive our original blogospheric passion for a full five days! Today's edition - for which we decided to stay up late, get drunk, and parse the headlines rather than get up early and hungover - includes my embarrassing encounter with…

Us Weekly Editor On Choosing The Mariah Cover Shot: "She Looks Great,…

Nightline went behind the scenes at Us to show how the celebrity weekly works. Editor-in-Chief Janice Min, despite encouraging the ever-expanding ego of the beast they call Speidi, comes off as a totally reasonable person. She tells the interviewer that when her female readers are challenged by their husbands about… » 5/21/08 1:30pm 5/21/08 1:30pm

Death & Cellulite

When it comes to best-selling covers, the weeklies win with fatalities and flesh, reports the New York Post. Aside from special issues, like "Sexiest Man Alive," People magazine's best-selling issue in 2007 dealt with the apparent suicide attempt of Owen Wilson. So far, their best selling issue of 2008 was the… » 3/10/08 2:45pm 3/10/08 2:45pm

'Us Weekly' Takes Obsession With Angelina's Outfits All The Way To The…

Great minds think alike? One day after we ran our gallery of Angelina Jolie's back-to-school style, Us Weekly hits newsstands with a two-page spread on the exact same thing. But the magazine took their version one step further: its editors actually determined not only the designers but the prices of all of Angelina's… » 10/10/07 5:30pm 10/10/07 5:30pm

'US Weekly's' Ken Baker Was A Nice Guy, Back When He Still Lactated

Yesterday's post on Us Weekly West Coast executive editor Ken Baker, the worst boss in America, drew many comments and a few phone calls from former co-workers. Once upon a time, you see, Ken was a nice, friendly, idealistic Columbia J-school grad with the highest of ethical standards. The only problem was that his… » 9/18/07 4:10pm 9/18/07 4:10pm

Meet 'US Weekly''s Ken Baker. He'll Promote His Hot Nanny Instead Of…

The jackass with Paris is Ken Baker, America's worst boss. We always thought there was something a little spooky about how mild and intelligent and reasonable Us Weekly editor in chief Janice Min came across in public, and now we know why: she has a horrible secret and it is not that she had reporters dig through Ben… » 9/17/07 6:00pm 9/17/07 6:00pm

Breaking! In Hollywood, Thin is In!

Hollywood is like one of those sorority houses where the pipes are always having to be replaced because all the bulimics who live there have eroded them with rivers of vomit. Every few years some plumber trudges out and does the filthy work of removing the puke-encrusted pipes, and the plumber reports back to the dean… » 8/20/07 6:30pm 8/20/07 6:30pm

It's Called Depression, Dumbass.

This week's US Weekly and Star lead with cover stories on weight loss among the already-trim and Tinseltowned. HOLLYWOOD'S REVENGE DIETS! blares US. ANGELINA ANOREXIC? screams Star. » 2/08/07 7:45am 2/08/07 7:45am