Janet Mock Shows Us How It Feels to Be Interviewed as a Trans Person

Time and time again, we've seen reporters misstep when interviewing people who are transgender. Rather than getting to discuss the book, TV show, activism or whatever else it is that they're there to talk about, guests instead face invasive questions about their bodies and personal, private experiences. »4/30/14 12:00pm4/30/14 12:00pm

Christ, Piers Morgan: Janet Mock Was Never a Boy (And Neither Was I)

Piers Morgan asked Janet Mock back onto his show to explain why she and the transgender community have been so incensed by the packaging of his interview with the trans activist and author. Unfortunately, rather than listen to Mock, Morgan continued to assert that he should be free from criticism because he has… »2/06/14 1:10pm2/06/14 1:10pm

Laverne Cox and Janet Mock: Quit Stigmatizing Men Who Date Trans Women

Laverne Cox, an articulate and increasingly high-profile voice for trans people, joined trans activist Janet Mock, scholar Mark Anthony Neal, and The Nation’s Mychal Denzel Smith in a recent HuffPo Live chat about the latest prostitution scandal bedeviling New York DJ Mister Cee. During the half-hour discussion, host… »9/15/13 1:00pm9/15/13 1:00pm