The Last Ditch Effort to Save Jane Was Very Manic Pixie Dream Girl

Back in the dark days of 2007, Jane magazine was fighting for its life — and so, it placed these ads in Women’s Wear Daily to capture the attention of people who still spent money on magazines. » 7/02/13 11:40am 7/02/13 11:40am

Snooki Gets a Makeunder From XOJane's New Beauty Site

Today, Say Media launched its new beauty site—an offshoot of XOJane called XOVain—with a makeunder of Snooki. As far as celebrities with over-the-top looks go, Snooki seems like a real "get." With all of her artifice—extensions, acrylic nails, false lashes, pushup bra, etc.—it would seem that she could be dramatically… » 3/02/13 3:00pm 3/02/13 3:00pm

'Girls' Finally Tackles Ladyblogs

During the first season of Girls, I wondered why Hannah didn't have a blog. Her self-obsession, lack of privacy boundaries, and conviction that she has important things to say about the mundane ("the voice of a generation") are all qualities that lend themselves well to the kind of confessional pageview bait that… » 1/28/13 1:30pm 1/28/13 1:30pm

Drugs, Blogs, and Cat Marnell: What Happens When One Woman's Addiction…

Now that Cat Marnell has left her post as beauty editor at xoJane—where, as the site's "beauty and health director" she infamously chronicled the intimate and more fucked-up details of her life like her drug abuse, mental health, and strained relationships—readers are wondering: What Will Happen Next? After all, the… » 6/18/12 2:35pm 6/18/12 2:35pm

Cat Marnell is Both Fucked Up and Fascinating

I'm fascinated by xoJane blogger Cat Marnell. She's ostensibly the Beauty and Health Director for Jane Pratt's site, but her posts — and I would know, because I read every single one — are usually long, rambling essays about her dysfunctional relationship with her father, past mental asylum stays, and on-again… » 4/16/12 5:00pm 4/16/12 5:00pm

A Peek At The Vision Board Inside Courtney Love's Tasteful Townhouse

Rumor has it that Courtney Love has "ruined" her West Village townhouse. The property owner, Donna Lyon, claims that Love covered up vintage hand-finished walls: "One of the requirements of the lease is that nothing should be done to the interiors… Courtney has wallpapered and painted a large portion of the property… » 12/16/11 1:20pm 12/16/11 1:20pm

Why Courtney Love Hates Us

Courtney Love begins her diary feature for not with an introduction (as if she needs any), but with claws: "I kind of want to slam Jezebel, but I won't. I'll save it. Because otherwise the Gawker people will torture me for the next two weeks. Because Jezebel I used to read, but then they do slut-shaming."… » 6/01/11 2:50pm 6/01/11 2:50pm

Jane Pratt Returns, This Time Online

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Jane Pratt, confessional foremother of Sassy and Jane fame, to the Internet. Be gentle. She's feeling sensitive — we get it, oh, do we ever. Also of interest: Apparently someone misses Paula Cole? Did Paula Cole write that? » 5/16/11 1:37pm 5/16/11 1:37pm

What Happened To Ashley Greene's Neck?

Miranda Kerr Breastfeeds Enormous Monster Baby

Gaga Tantalizes Fashion World With Promise Of Brand-New Music

Dolce & Gabbana's Tax Evasion Case Is Getting Serious

Tavi Gevinson and Jane Pratt Teaming Up To Launch Teen Mag

The Style Rookie/Daria fan/preteen who is constantly stylin' on everyone took to her blog to announce that she and Jane Pratt, founder of Sassy and Jane magazines, are going to work together to make some Sassy magic for today's teens. » 11/14/10 11:34am 11/14/10 11:34am

The Voice Of Daria Speaks, Takes Questions

In an interview with Can I Get A Man With That, Tracy Grandstaff, who voiced Daria, addresses some lingering issues surrounding our favorite Misery Chick, and answers questions from Diablo Cody, Tavi Gevinson, and Jane Pratt in that dulcet monotone. » 9/10/10 6:15pm 9/10/10 6:15pm

Fashion Blogger Tavi Gevinson On Terry Richardson, Cute Shoes, &…

Teen blogger Tavi Gevinson spoke this morning to a packed room of industry professionals, reporters, and marketers about the "unpredictability" of Generation Y. They wanted to know how the generation's personal qualities would make young people liable to buy things. » 5/14/10 5:20pm 5/14/10 5:20pm

Teen Blogger Tavi Longs For Another Sassy Magazine

Thirteen-year-old Tavi Gevinson of fashion blog The Style Rookie recently posted a plea: "I, like many, would like another Sassy Magazine," she wrote. Tavi was born in 1997; Sassy ceased publication in 1995. So why does it speak to her? » 4/13/10 12:00pm 4/13/10 12:00pm

So much nineties today! The latest Page Six Magazine profiles Jane Pratt, a legendary magazine editor whose "unique personality" it describes in a phrase demonstrative of why Page Six Magazine is the only good thing about Sundays, as "a mix of Peter Pan, Carrie Bradshaw and Simone de Beauvoir." She's still not really… » 6/04/08 4:20pm 6/04/08 4:20pm

What's Jane Pratt been up to? Did you have to ask? She's working on a reality show called American Ugly, to signify, of all highly innovative ideas, a cross between American Idol and Ugly Betty, reports Page Six thanks to an insider whose description of the show is sure to set all your "OMG why didn't Ithink of… » 12/10/07 10:45am 12/10/07 10:45am

Jane Pratt Fails To Reinvent Herself As A Sex Object

Um, note to Jane Pratt: the Playboy thing? Kinda been done! I mean, just off the top of my head there's your BFF Drew Barrymore, and Gloria Steinem, who kind of invented the whole edgy women's magazine stunt when she became a Playboy bunny. Anyway, so Jane Magazine founder Jane Pratt showed up to the set of Playboy's… » 7/23/07 12:45pm 7/23/07 12:45pm