'The Fashionista Diaries': 'Jane' Magazine Folds!

We were left with a big cliffhanger on last night's Fashionista Diaries when Andrew and Rachel received text messages from Bridget (who heard from Cunt Face, who read it on the internet) that Jane magazine was folding. The poor kids were sitting in a conference room eating lunch, blissfully unaware of all the… »8/30/07 11:00am8/30/07 11:00am

Jane Pratt Could Maybe Use Some Of Those Drugs Her Baby Went On

Jane Pratt just won't shut up about how actually she really hated Jane after Conde Nast ousted her ass. In fact, she wonders why the whole world didn't just come to a screeching halt the day she left! "I have some questions why they stayed after it became crappy," she said on her ragingly popular satellite radio show… »7/11/07 11:36am7/11/07 11:36am

Moe's Date With 'Jane' Magazine's Virginal Dating Blogger Sarah DiMuro

Last Thursday I had a date with Sarah DiMuro, the 30 year old virgin-on-hiatus from her role as the Jane Magazine 30 year old virgin. We didn't have sex, though she gave me a hug (I think I initiated it) but she's not the kind of girl you really want to hug, not because she isn't warm and genuine, but because she's… »6/05/07 4:43pm6/05/07 4:43pm

Anatomy Of A Celebrity Maturation: Avril Lavigne Grows Up, Buys More, Sounds The Same

If there is one thing we are more soooooo sick of than Avril Lavigne giving interviews about how she is soooooo sick of everyone talking about how she is this, like, tomboy in Chuck Taylors and suspenders because she is suuuuuch a feminine grown-up now (and p.s. Mark Jacobs and Proenza whatever and every other cool… »4/12/07 2:06pm4/12/07 2:06pm