Woman Allegedly Murdered 42 Years Ago Is Found Alive, Doing Better Than Most Corpses

In 1973, two Pennsylvania deputy game protectors found a dead body near a U.S. Army post. The corpse was female, naked, and stripped of all jewelry and identifying information. In addition, her body was buried without too much care under tarps and slabs of wood, making her much easier to discover than expected. For… »10/15/15 1:30pm10/15/15 1:30pm


Pennsylvania Case Proves Parental Consent Laws Fucking Suck

Pennsylvania is one of a handful of states that have abhorrant parental consent laws that require pregnant teens to get permission from their parents to have abortions. If they don't want to ask their parents, they have the option to petition a judge. Several months back, one pregnant teen was denied her request to… »12/23/11 6:30pm12/23/11 6:30pm