Elisabeth Moss Was Nervous About Doing Onscreen Nudity For The First Time

While we wait with '50s cocktails and bated breath for the last season of Mad Men, Elisabeth Moss shot Jane Campion's new Sundance Channel miniseries Top Of the Lake, in which she played a hard-boiled female detective and "damaged fortysomething women sleep in shipping crates." Sounds like my mom's house. »1/26/13 3:00pm1/26/13 3:00pm

Jane Campion Is Depressingly Practical About Female Directors

New Zealand filmmaker Jane Campion, only the second of four women nominated for an Academy Award in directing (for Holly Hunter-starring The Piano), directs epic, offbeat, female-driven films about mortality and sexuality. Her 1987 directorial debut, Sweetie, was recently released by the Criterion Collection. Please… »1/26/13 12:30pm1/26/13 12:30pm