The Song of the Summer Got a Video to Remind You Summer is Dead

Is it sadistic that “Good Times,” the song of the summer, is finally blessed with an official video as we enter shitty October? As a seasonal work of art, it seems to ask us to mourn all we have lost—pools, sun, fun, happiness, rooftop jams, chill vibes—in the penultimate month before winter destroys us. »9/28/15 10:45am9/28/15 10:45am


Here's Jamie xx's Tite, Extended 'I Know (There's Gonna Be Good Times)'

Jamie xx played the Echoplex in LA last night and dropped this pretty wonderful extended-release megamix of this summer’s easy, definitive jam. We heard it via Fader, and along with the loopy, lovely, long Persuasions intro that Jamie xx has been dropping into his live sets, this version is thick with patois—there’s… »7/29/15 4:40pm7/29/15 4:40pm

TGIF: Here's John Talabot's Gorgeous Remix of Jamie xx's 'Loud Places'

Premiered on WNYU’s Beats in Space radio, here is a great remix of one of the best songs on one of the best albums of the year, from the quietly excellent Barcelona DJ/producer John Talabot. I love the original “Loud Places” for its sense of synthesis—at first, the heartbeat pushing the track forward is barely… »7/10/15 6:50pm7/10/15 6:50pm

Jamie xx Brings 'Good Times' to Glastonbury

Jamie xx’s “I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times),” featuring Young Thug and Popcaan and heavily sampling The Persuasions, has already been declared at least a few times as one of, if not the, song of the summer. At Glastonbury this weekend, he broke out the track, intro’ing it with almost the entirety of the song it… »6/29/15 2:10pm6/29/15 2:10pm

Jamie xx, Young Thug & Popcaan Have Made THE Summer Party Anthem

It is 10:15 AM New York time, and all I want in life right now is to be lamping at a rooftop party, red solo cup filled with some fruity garbage—sangria with little flecks of dirt in it, no doubt—relaxing in a lawn chair with 25 of my closest friends listening to “I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times),” which is… »5/11/15 11:47pm5/11/15 11:47pm