Company That Locked Raped Woman In Container Named "Top Employer For Women"

Remember that whole thing where a KBR employee was drugged and gang-raped by coworkers and then locked in a shipping container by her bosses? And then the company essentially said she was asking for it? And then Al Franken worked to close the loophole that allowed them wriggle out of being sued? Oh, and those pesky… »4/08/11 1:00pm4/08/11 1:00pm

When Jamie Leigh Jones was brutally gang raped by her co-workers in Iraq and then held against her w
When Jamie Leigh Jones was brutally gang raped by her co-workers in Iraq and then held against her will for several days in a shipping container to prevent her from reporting the rape »8/04/08 6:45pm8/04/08 6:45pm, she was able to get free by convincing a sympathetic co-worker that hadn't raped her to loan her his personal cell phone — or else who…

Iraq Sexual Assault Victim: "I Felt Safer On The Convoys With The Army Than I Ever Did Working For KBR"

Jamie Leigh Jones, the 22-year-old who was gang-raped while working for KBR in Iraq, isn't the only female contractor to suffer under a culture of sexual harassment and subsequent intimidation. Today, the New York Times talks to three other women who were sexually abused in the Mideast by male colleagues while working… »2/13/08 9:30am2/13/08 9:30am

Female Iraq-War Vets Suffering Post-Traumatic Stress From Sexual Abuse

Meet Master Sgt. Cindy Rathbun. Her hair started falling out in clumps when she arrived in Iraq in September 2006, reports USA Today. This physical manifestation of wartime stress wasn't the only thing causing hair loss. You see, being in Iraq brought back the long suppressed pain for Rathbun of being raped by a… »1/02/08 5:20pm1/02/08 5:20pm

How The Halliburton Rape Cases Explain Everything We Think About

"Is America establishing a culture of impunity among its contractors operating in areas of armed conflict?" That's the first line of a Harper's story on the Jamie Leigh Jones case — not to be brainfarted with the Jamie Lynn Spears case — now turning American attention to the problems created by outsourcing war to big… »12/19/07 5:20pm12/19/07 5:20pm

"I Was Told To Wear Those Clothes For Three Days To See If I Was Any Sort Of Temptation To The Male Species"

I'm sorta cynical, but the allegations of the all these U.S. American victims of sex crimes in Iraq have gotten so incomprehensibly heinous, it's starting to sound, like a lawyer here points out, like "a bad joke." See, it isn't enough that Jamie Leigh Jones was gang-raped and then locked in a shipping container, or… »12/17/07 11:00am12/17/07 11:00am

Defense Contractors: If It Wasn't For Diplomatic Immunity-Protected Rape, They'd Never Get Laid

Jamie Leigh Jones, who will appear on 20/20 this week to discuss how she was gang-raped, imprisoned and threatened with the loss of her job while working as an administrative assistant for erstwhile Halliburton subsidiary Kellogg, Brown & Root in Iraq two years ago, has started a foundation to help women like herself… »12/11/07 6:00pm12/11/07 6:00pm