Jamie Lee Curtis Interviewing Sigourney Weaver Is Delightful 

Jamie Lee Curtis interviews her friend and fellow actress Sigourney Weaver in the latest issue of Interview Magazine, and the pair—with their funny stories about the early days of their careers, adorable meet-cutes with their respective husbands and joke shit-talking about James Cameron—are an absolute joy to take in. » 2/24/15 6:50pm 2/24/15 6:50pm

Emma Roberts and Jamie Lee Curtis Star in Ryan Murphy's Scream Queens

As American Horror Story has proven, when Ryan Murphy gets attached to an actor, he sticks with 'em, through and through. Over the last couple seasons, 23-year-old Emma Roberts has proven to be his golden child, of sorts, landing strong leading roles in Coven and Freak Show. In Scream Queens, his new comedy-horror for… » 12/08/14 7:10pm 12/08/14 7:10pm

Scary Good: A Jamie Lee Curtis-Helmed Horror Series In The Works

Seeing as Jamie Lee Curtis got her start in horror films, it's fitting that she makes a return to TV in a creepy new series in development at ABC Family, The Final Girls. » 9/18/13 1:20pm 9/18/13 1:20pm

Jamie Lee Curtis Injured in Car Wreck, Comforted by Jodie Foster

Apparently Jamie Lee Curtis was in a serious automobile collision in Venice today, after which she called friend Jodie Foster, who immediately popped up out of a manhole or something ready to do some serious fucking rescuing. Foster then tended Curtis's wounds with brusque, no-nonsense tenderness and a rum raisin… » 8/01/13 8:45pm 8/01/13 8:45pm

Vanity Fair Admits to Pulling a Critical Jessica Chastain Article in…

One does not simply direct/produce/star in/sound edit a good movie, sit back in one's bean bag chair, and wait for the Academy to lob little gold statuettes into one's lap. One must actively campaign to get the very suggestible voters at the Academy to consider one's Oscar worthiness, which means that Oscar… » 3/04/13 8:00pm 3/04/13 8:00pm

Mila Kunis Wears Sweatpants, Tears Hole in Space-Time Continuum

From the New York Post, the publication which just two days ago brought us the epic tale of Lena Dunham's "sloppy backside," we now have a full-fledged attack on Mila Kunis' choice of loungewear when she steps out for a coffee or whatever: » 1/09/13 9:00am 1/09/13 9:00am

Sherri Shepherd Is Engaged

These Costumes Were Frightening...To Breasts.

Heidi Klum's star-studded Halloween Party is always a scene of costume carnage. So to soften the blow, let's also delve into the Halloween apparel of those starts celebrating with their kids first. Afterwards? Avert your boobs. » 11/01/10 10:37am 11/01/10 10:37am

Jamie Lee Curtis Hates Hollywood's "Conspiracy" Against Women

In the new issue of AARP The Magazine, Jamie Lee Curtis discusses the tremendous pressure on older actresses to get plastic surgery, and she plans to quit acting rather than going under the knife. » 9/24/10 5:56pm 9/24/10 5:56pm

Red Carpet Subjected To Tragic "Who Wore It Better" Incident

Sigourney and Jamie Lee wore the same dress (!) to the You Again premiere, but like the intergenerational-catfighting portrayed in the film, it's all make-believe! Kristen's uber-cute frock? Cloris's caftan? Not so much. » 9/23/10 10:30am 9/23/10 10:30am

T.I. & Wife Arrested For Drug Possession

The Kids Are Dressing Alright At Flipped Premiere

Flipped is based on the popular YA novel, so obviously it features an all-tween cast. And as a result, we were treated to an education in the full range of 9-14 fashion trends: » 7/27/10 10:30am 7/27/10 10:30am

You Again: When Strong Women Act Insecure Because Of Other Women

Lady-centric comedy flick You Again comes out in the fall, so we have plenty of time to ponder whether we love or loathe the premise. What we do like: Jamie Lee Curtis! Sigourney Weaver! Mother-lovin' Betty White! [ONTD, YouTube] » 5/05/10 9:40am 5/05/10 9:40am

Jenna Jameson Assaulted By Boyfriend; More Lohan Legal Threats

Martine McCutcheon Makes Poop Pretty

In a new British Activia commercial, Martine McCutcheon relaxes in her boudoir while seductively declaring her love for yogurt. Why can't we take "deliciously indulgent" trips to the bathroom in America? » 3/23/10 6:20pm 3/23/10 6:20pm

Lindsay's Mysterious Injuries; Angelina's Shirt-Ripping Temper

Avatar Premiere Kicks Ass, Real And Virtual

Can something be called a "blockbuster" before it, y'know, breaks blocks? Whatever, everyone's already anointed the mega-expensive Avatar, and clearly the premiere, at Grauman's Chinese Theatre, was a big deal: it's not just every event that attracts this much fab. » 12/17/09 10:40am 12/17/09 10:40am

Marilyn Manson Has H1N1, Tries To Infect Audience; Hef Wants Megan Fox…