Beyoncé Doesn't Need a Stupid Earpiece and Other Musical Moments from…

Such a pity — Senator Charles Schumer went on about the dome of the capitol only to have Beyonce sing the Star-Spangled Banner and blow the roof off the joint. And she wasn't even inside! Yes, Bey was the star of the show (other than, you know, the President and Vice President) and deservedly so. Watch how she tears… » 1/21/13 4:40pm 1/21/13 4:40pm

Mila Kunis Wears Sweatpants, Tears Hole in Space-Time Continuum

From the New York Post, the publication which just two days ago brought us the epic tale of Lena Dunham's "sloppy backside," we now have a full-fledged attack on Mila Kunis' choice of loungewear when she steps out for a coffee or whatever: » 1/09/13 9:00am 1/09/13 9:00am

There's A Microscopic Chance That O.J. Simpson Is Khloe Kardashian's Dad

While the National Enquirer isn't something I'd even wipe my ass with most of the time, these rumors might actually have some weight. Maybe. Possibly. Kris Jenner's well-known straying from the late Robert Kardashian included a dalliance with O.J. Simpson, one of Kardashian's most famous clients, in 1983. You guys… » 9/15/12 11:30am 9/15/12 11:30am