James Carville’s Daughter Has a Great Plan for Showing-Up Cardinal…

Catholic jack-o-lantern Timothy Dolan is all set to speak at the Republican National Convention/Stripper Pledge Drive next week in Tampa, that is, if God doesn't smite the entire event with a biblically-themed hurricane. Dolan, a noted asshole about gay marriage and women's health, has been scheduled to offer the… » 8/26/12 3:00pm 8/26/12 3:00pm

10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week

In this week's compilation of pop culture crap, Whoopi Goldberg is high on live TV, Mary Matalin fights with husband James Carville, and Janice Dickinson joins the cast of Celebrity Rehab. » 7/23/10 5:20pm 7/23/10 5:20pm

The Emperor Kate Moss Has No Pants

You're Going To Need This Puppy To Get Through The News

You Know How Dudes Sometimes Just Stop Calling?

I hate that! But it happens to the best of us. Bill Richardson pulled it on his old boss Bill Clinton! And his trusted aides have not exactly been chill about it. "Mr. Richardson's endorsement came right around the anniversary of the day when Judas sold out for 30 pieces of silver," James Carville told the Times re:… » 3/24/08 3:45pm 3/24/08 3:45pm

Can liberals and conservatives bone happily ever after? Conservablogger Bridget Johnson admits she didn't think so — until she had a college affair with a guy she calls Karl. Karl worked at a restaurant where some customers used the N-word, and his "Irish temper" flared. "A guy passionately promoting racial equality… » 2/14/08 6:30pm 2/14/08 6:30pm