Little Girl from London Shot and Killed During Her Vacation in Jamaica

Just in case you were skipping merrily along through the internets this Sunday afternoon, here's something that will deflate your pleasant thought bubble: an eight-year-old girl from London vacationing with her family in Jamaica, was shot and killed after an argument broke out in a rural convenience store. »1/13/13 1:00pm1/13/13 1:00pm

Amazing Little Girl Can Give Better Directions Than Any GPS

So many of us have become completely dependent on our phones and GPS systems for guidance, that we'd be hard pressed to give someone directions to the nearest corner if asked. Well, not this little genius. She's got the route to her house down pat—and it's not an easy path to travel. I wish there was a way to have… »2/09/12 9:45pm2/09/12 9:45pm

Jamaican Sprinter Shelly Ann Fraser Wins Gold, Jumps For Joy

Despite being, as one commentator called her, the youngest, the shortest and the most inexperienced in her field, twenty-one-year-old Shelly Ann Fraser of Jamaica won the gold medal in the 100 meter race on Sunday. She proceeded to bounce up and down on the track with sheer glee! In a post-race interview, Fraser,… »8/18/08 3:20pm8/18/08 3:20pm
"Nichole" is a 29-year-old lesbian from Jamaica who, in an extremely rare move, has been s
"Nichole" is a 29-year-old lesbian from Jamaica who, in an extremely rare move, has been spared deportation »8/11/08 3:40pm8/11/08 3:40pm by a U.S. immigration judge following two drug convictions because of the extremely hostile climate for gay people in Jamaica. She has to report back to authorities in 3 months regarding her status. While…

Is It True That "The Whiter You Are The More Successful You Will Be"?

Earlier this week, L'Oreal was accused »8/08/08 12:00pm8/08/08 12:00pm of "whitening" Beyoncé's skin in a haircolor ad, but has since a statement: "We highly value our relationship with Ms Knowles. It is categorically untrue that L'Oreal Paris altered Ms Knowles' features or skin tone in the campaign for Feria hair color." But, as Vanessa Walters…