Teen Mom Models For Motorcycle Calendar

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham is not only Miss May in the 2011 American Motorcycle calendar, but she's also the cover girl, sporting a faux-fur wolfskin outfit of her own design. » 1/27/11 11:21am 1/27/11 11:21am

Making It Manly, Or How To Sell A Car

Patriarchies are defined by sexism: the valuing of men over women. In our American patriarchy, however, this is matched—and perhaps superseded—by something called androcentrism: the valuing of all-things-masculine over all-things-feminine. Enter the Mercedes SLK. » 1/06/11 2:38pm 1/06/11 2:38pm

Wouldn't You Like To Know What's Inside Ralph Lauren's Garage?

Oh, gosh, of course! So: the Ferraris are mainly red, the Jaguars are dark green, and the Porsches are black. This is what a lifetime of selling ties got Ralph Lifshitz. » 1/04/11 3:15pm 1/04/11 3:15pm

Homeless Man with Golden Radio Voice Will Have Your Ears Ringing for…

Meet Ted Williams, a homeless man from Columbus, Ohio who has a God given gift. Unfortunately, he has no way to share it. Anyone looking to hire someone for voiceovers? Look no further. » 1/04/11 2:40pm 1/04/11 2:40pm

What Does An "Intellectual Sex Kitten" Look For In A Car?

Well, that depends on whether you're the aforementioned sexy lady, "the feline blond," "the yuppie hippie" or "the sporty mother." » 12/29/10 2:29pm 12/29/10 2:29pm

Banned Italian Lesbian Car Ad is Kind Of A Tease

Far be it for us to back off from any titillation, but we have to admit we were a little disappointed after watching this ad that was deemed too sexy for Italian TV. » 12/17/10 7:15pm 12/17/10 7:15pm

How To Shout Down A Perv: Tips And Tricks From The Subway Badass

When she eviscerated her subway attacker, Nicola Briggs wasn't planning on becoming an international heroine — she didn't even know she was being filmed. But she was, and she did, and I'm happy to personally confirm she's really that awesome. » 12/17/10 1:20pm 12/17/10 1:20pm

How Photoshop Transformed Megan Fox

It's a wonder that Hollywood agents let celebrities get popular before they've completely morphed them from a wrinkly larva to a brand new butterfly. What if the larva is exposed prematurely? Exhibit A: The pre-operative Megan Fox. » 12/08/10 4:13pm 12/08/10 4:13pm

Stubborn Men Pay The Price In Mileage

In another episode of "Everything in The Lockhorns was true," it seems men really won't ask for directions — and devote a lot of their lives to driving around lost! (Cue laugh track.) » 10/26/10 12:33pm 10/26/10 12:33pm

Ashley Judd's Husband Drives Her Crazy

[Ashley Judd plants a kiss on husband Dario Franchitti after he wins the championship at the 2010 IZOD IndyCar Series Cafes do Brasil Indy 300. Homestead, Florida; October 2. Image via INFDaily.] » 10/04/10 11:32am 10/04/10 11:32am

Carlashes: Eye Lashes For Your Car

I'm not really down with the whole "they make my car look cute and girlie!" sales angle of Carlashes, but put them on a kindergarten school bus or daycare van and it's A++, would do business again. [Carlashes] » 8/29/10 12:00pm 8/29/10 12:00pm

Peek Inside Beyoncé & Jay-Z's Awesome Luxury Yacht

How would you travel if money were no object? Perhaps, like Beyoncé and Jay-Z, you'd rent a 180-foot, Italian-made Benetti Luxury yacht that goes for $377,000… a week. Worth it? Let's take a look. » 8/25/10 2:30pm 8/25/10 2:30pm

Male Drivers Way More Likely To Kill You

Despite men being only 57 percent of registered drivers, male drivers are responsible for 80 percent of fatal or near-fatal car accidents in New York City, according to a new report. Any other myths about women and driving to debunk? » 8/16/10 5:46pm 8/16/10 5:46pm

Beauty Conscious Car Moisturizes Your Skin While You Drive

Nissan announced its new models will feature breathable Vitamin C moisturizer pumped through the A/C. Plus! Speedometers will give birthday reminders. It's part of Nissan's effort to enhance its cars' "emotional aspect." You know, for chicks. » 7/30/10 4:42pm 7/30/10 4:42pm

Summer's Stupidest Driving Hazard: Short Skirts

A British car insurance company says male drivers have far more accidents in the summer than women do. The (alleged) reason: dudes are distracted by ladies' short skirts. » 7/30/10 2:01pm 7/30/10 2:01pm

Cheeseburger Found In Woman's Gas Tank

When her car suddenly stopped running, a South Carolina woman went to a mechanic, who found a cheeseburger and pickle in the gas tank. Police are stumped, but we have a theory: SNL's Olympia Restaurant has installed a gas pump. » 7/30/10 11:18am 7/30/10 11:18am

Girl Go-Karter Chases Her NASCAR Dreams

In the new film Racing Dreams, eleven-year-old go-kart racer and NASCAR hopeful Annabeth Barnes shows what it's like to be a girl in fast-paced sport still dominated by boys. » 7/12/10 4:25pm 7/12/10 4:25pm

World's Dumbest Car Dealership Lures In The Ladies

This Pennsylvania dealership knows how daunting it can be to be a little lady around all those big bad machines: "Buying a car can be scary—especially if you're a woman!" And indeed, this commercial is terrifying. » 6/29/10 9:20am 6/29/10 9:20am