Hillary Clinton Literally LOLs When Asked About Her Damn Emails 

In a moment that will surely make its way into a Republican candidate’s attack ad, CNN’s Jake Tapper asked Hillary Clinton about her private email server during a Friday interview. He led in with a reference to Bernie Sanders and his “ya damn emails” remark, causing Clinton to start laughing uncontrollably. »10/19/15 10:55am10/19/15 10:55am


Jake Tapper Asks the Most Important Question About Anna Wintour's Diplomatic Qualifications

Here is White House press secretary Jay Carney entertaining a series of increasingly inane questions from ABC's Jake Tapper about the rumored appointment of Anna Wintour to an ambassadorial posting in London or Paris. First, Tapper asks what qualities Obama considers when making key diplomatic appointments. Carney… »12/06/12 4:10pm12/06/12 4:10pm

Will Hillary's "Tonya Harding Option" Leave Country To Eastern Bloc Hooverite John McCain?

Oh, Hillary. We know how it is. You've worked too hard, stayed too scrappy. You made amends with the vast right wing conspiracy and pulled some tale from your ass about sniper fire raining down on you and just told America John McCain would lead the nation into nothing less than the Great Depression... You got Chelsea… »3/26/08 10:00am3/26/08 10:00am