Simon Cowell Told Demi Lovato She's 20 Lbs Too Fat For X-Factor

Before Demi Lovato returns to The X-Factor to fill the voids left by Britney Spears and L.A. Reid, Simon Cowell wants her to lose some weight, and had no problem telling her as much despite her hospitalization two years ago that was in part due to bulimia. Transfixed by his deep V-neck, staring into the dark,… » 5/04/13 11:30am 5/04/13 11:30am

Playing The "Who Wore It Best" Game

It's probably to be expected that at a brand-focused event like "UK Style By French Connection Celebrates Lexington Social House Launch" two people should wear the same dress. But two double-takes? It was a jungle in there.
» 3/10/11 10:40am 3/10/11 10:40am

Think of this more as a primer on how to differentiate with accessories! Here's in the basic…

Men — And Women — Of The Year Look Ridiculous

The 15th annual 'GQ Men of the Year' party held at Chateau Marmont may have provided plenty of men, tons of women, and a lot of stars, but good clothes? Were in very short supply. » 11/18/10 10:58am 11/18/10 10:58am

Brigitte Bardot Still As Surly As Ever

The ever-cranky, animal-loving, Le Pen-supporting, Palin-hating original sex kitten Brigitte Bardot has emerged from her seclusion to denounce the idea of Jaime King playing her in a biopic helmed by King's husband, Kyle Newman. Thing is, we see her point. » 9/28/10 1:01pm 9/28/10 1:01pm

The Clothes Were Undead At The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Premiere

Brace yourselves, Twi-hards: 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' premiered last night at L.A.Live's Nokia Theater, and it was epic. All the KStew and RPatz your hearts crave, plus some of the worst clothes you've ever just doesn't get any better! » 6/25/10 10:30am 6/25/10 10:30am

Celebs Tweet About The Oscars

Today in Tweet Beat, celebs weigh in on last night's Academy Awards ceremony and the after-parties. Plus, Joan Rivers reviews the gowns, and Dog the Bounty Hunter's wife Beth shows us her nails. » 3/08/10 7:20pm 3/08/10 7:20pm

Golden Globes: The Best — Er, The Worst — Of The Rest

The fun didn't stop on the red carpet! And by "fun" I mean stars in grotesque outfits. At the Weinstein Co. and Warner Bros./InStyle GG parties, the sartorial awfulness didn't stop until the break of dawn. » 1/19/10 10:30am 1/19/10 10:30am