Watch First Lady Bess Truman Be Thwarted in Her Attempt to Christen an Airplane

Michelle Obama taking three tries to break a champagne bottle on the nose of a submarine is charming and weirdly mesmerizing. But she isn’t the first First Lady to struggle a little with the old christening rigamarole. For instance, watch Bess Truman just hammering away at this ambulance plane. »10/12/15 3:55pm10/12/15 3:55pm

Real Talk: JFK and Jackie Had Sex on Air Force One a Day Before Dallas

There are tasteful ways to talk about the looming anniversary of the JFK assassination, and then there's the New York Post's way, which involves mentioning the little-known-fact that JFK and Jackie totally boned on Air Force One during a short flight from San Antonio to Houston on Nov. 21, just 24 hours before the… »11/17/13 12:30pm11/17/13 12:30pm