Dutch Magazine Un-pologizes For Rihanna Slur

Eva Hoeke, editor of the Dutch magazine Jackie, issued an apology for calling Rihanna "the ultimate niggabitch" and then resigned her post. Now the magazine's publisher has issued another statement, claiming the magazine has nothing to apologize for. » 12/22/11 5:15pm 12/22/11 5:15pm

Dutch Editor Resigns Over 'Niggabitch' Article

The editor of the Dutch magazine Jackie is leaving her job as a result of her decision to publish an article calling Rihanna a "niggabitch." But her weird justifications continue. » 12/21/11 2:25pm 12/21/11 2:25pm

Incredibly Stupid Magazine Says Rihanna Is 'Ultimate Niggabitch' With…

A Dutch magazine has drawn fire for calling Rihanna "the ultimate niggabitch." And yes, it's just as offensive in context. » 12/19/11 3:50pm 12/19/11 3:50pm

Jackie O's Jewelry Could Be Yours

[London, August 2. Woman displays a simulated pearl necklace formerly owned by Jackie Kennedy Onassis at Bonhams auction house. The necklace, worn by Kennedy in the early 1960s, is estimated at $39,300-47,200. Image via AP] » 8/02/10 12:20pm 8/02/10 12:20pm

Mariah Carey Puts Out Stage Fire

Today in Tweet Beat, Mariah Carey averts stage disaster by extinguishing electrical fire, Yoko Ono gets introspective, and Pamela Anderson dumps out her purse. » 5/17/10 8:00pm 5/17/10 8:00pm

Did The Liberal Media "Interrogate" A Conservative Teen?

A seventeen-year-old girl named Jackie is the latest victim of the dreaded "liberal media bias," all because MSNBC's Norah O'Donnell dared to ask her about Sarah Palin's policies at a book signing on Wednesday. » 11/20/09 1:20pm 11/20/09 1:20pm

Kung Fu Cosmetics

Martial arts man Jackie Chan has launched an eponymous line of organic skincare products. Just what the world's been waiting for! First supermodel Cindy Crawford and now Chan. Isn't everyone just dying to look like the 52-year old Asian stuntman?
http://www.jackiechan.com/news_view?cid=... » 12/06/06 1:07pm 12/06/06 1:07pm