Steve-O Brings Woman Who Filmed Him Onstage, Calls Her a 'Dumb Bitch'

At a stand up show in Auckland, New Zealand, Jackass alum Steve-O demonstrated that not only is he adept at making funny faces whilst humiliating himself, he also has a real gift for humiliating people who pay to see him do comedy. » 8/07/14 12:40pm 8/07/14 12:40pm

Louis CK Cast A Black Actress As The Mother Of His White Kids And…

Louis CK, continuing to carve out a niche for himself as Sort Of Genius/the Lethargic Husky Dream Man of men and women across the nation with dark senses of humor and minor clinical depression, was on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night fielding questions about his choice to cast a black woman (after valiantly Googling, it… » 6/27/12 9:00am 6/27/12 9:00am

Celebs Remember Ryan Dunn On Twitter

Today in Tweet Beat, most are sad at the news of Jackass star Ryan Dunn's untimely death in a car crash early this morning, but a few controversially weigh in about the dangers of drinking and driving. » 6/20/11 7:30pm 6/20/11 7:30pm

Britney Spears Gets Covered In Excrement For Jackass Stunt

Last night Johnny Knoxville and Britney Spears were both guests on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where they aired a skit of Britney performing one of the stunts from Jackass 3D, "The Poo Cocktail Extreme." It doesn't appear as though they used actual poop in the bungee porta potty, like they did with Steve-O in the movie, but… » 3/30/11 11:22am 3/30/11 11:22am

Johnny Knoxville Bans Women From Doing Stunts In Jackass

Knoxville explains: "[Our female friend] got hurt doing a stunt once and so we decided no more girls doing stunts. No that they can't — just in Jackass, because we all hated feeling that way." » 11/12/10 11:48am 11/12/10 11:48am

Before There Was Jackass, There Was Annie Edson Taylor

On this day in 1901—her 63rd birthday—Annie Edson Taylor became the first person to ride down Niagara Falls in a barrel and live to tell about it. She thought fame would buy her financial security. It didn't. » 10/24/10 3:00pm 10/24/10 3:00pm

"...Why?" Kimmel's April Fools Prank Is All Wet

In a stunt that makes antiquing look like a fun way to wake up, Jimmy Kimmel asked his viewers to videotape themselves throwing water in a sleeping friend's face. The results are hilarious. » 4/02/10 10:40am 4/02/10 10:40am

How Jackass Almost Destroyed, But Eventually Saved, Steve-O's Life

Last night, MTV aired Steve-O: Demise and Rise, a documentary about the Jackass star's spiral into a substance abuse problem that rivals even the darkest addictions showcased on Intervention. » 5/04/09 6:40pm 5/04/09 6:40pm

Posh Hearts Paparazzi; Heath's House Is Haunted

Loose Lips

The naked baby who was on the cover of Nirvana's iconic Nevermind » 11/11/08 5:30pm 11/11/08 5:30pm album? Um, he's recreating the cover shoot, and saying naughty things in lame attempts to pick up girls like "You want to see my penis ... again?" Suave! • John Mayer says he's not going to be "Things have changed a bit, and the decision to slide on…

Oprah Writer Tries To Debunk Reckless Idiot Male Psyche

When I was thirteen, one of my best friends was a semi-professional rollerblader. I know, how swooningly mid-90s, but we were all impressed by his death-defying stunts. Well, some people were impressed. I was mostly terrified. I recall vividly the summer afternoon when he decided that he would launch himself out of… » 7/02/08 4:20pm 7/02/08 4:20pm

Lindsay Might Have A BJ Video, But This Ain't It