J. Mendel, for the Oscar-Winning Ski Bunny in You

Yesterday's runway presentation of the fall 2013 J. Mendel collection featured slinky Oscar-ready gowns, cozy Aspen-ready sweaters, and a lot of fur. Fur vests, fur jackets, fur trim, a fur bag. Some of the dresses were beautiful and ready for the red carpet; others (the brown satin one, for instance) looked like a… » 2/14/13 3:00pm 2/14/13 3:00pm

The (Boozy) Bride Wore White: Planning Jenna Bush's Wedding

So, Jenna Bush is getting married this spring (which is a totally gross, opportunistic way to distract the American public from the war, btw) and her mama, Laura, has commissioned the biggest names in American fashion to submit sketches for her darling daughter's big day. (Think Jenna will get sauced at the… » 1/30/08 5:20pm 1/30/08 5:20pm

Fake WASP Tory Burch Designs Collection "Inspired" By Fake WASP Martha Stewart

  • Tory Burch is designing a line inspired by old pictures of Martha Stewart, back from when Martha Stewart looked sort of like a pretty version of Tory Burch. [As I'm sure you can imagine, Jennie, who loves both WASPs and fashion-pop culture collabos like the proverbial fat kid loves cake, is in a corner somewhere…
  • » 11/14/07 12:00pm 11/14/07 12:00pm

Christina Ricci Not Aware Of The Difference Between A Suitcase And An Evening Gown

  • Christina Ricci, the face of the re-launched Samsonite Fashionaire collection, gave some bullshit answer at the line's launch party about how fashion is art, blah blah blah. At this point we would like to remind Christina that she's not shilling fashion. She's shilling luggage. [Vogue UK]
  • In the words of Yogurt from …
  • » 8/21/07 10:00am 8/21/07 10:00am