FBI Offended By DiCaprio's Humanizing, Homosexual Portrayal Of J. Edgar Hoover

Though the poorly-received film J. Edgar attempted to show the public that J. Edgar Hoover isn't quite as monstrous as he's believed to be, FBI agents are still furious over the Clint Eastwood film due to its numerous historical inaccuracies. Just kidding — they're only upset about the gay thing. »11/30/11 10:10am11/30/11 10:10am


How Tim Gunn Is Connected To J. Edgar Hoover, And Other Surprises About Project Runway's Favorite Father-Hen

Loving Tim Gunn is nothing new. He's just always so Tim Gunn. And during an appearance at NYC's 92nd Street Y last night, Tim did not disappoint. The Project Runway favorite ruminated on his life so far and we fell in love with him all over again. "Every day I pinch myself and say, When am I going to wake up from this… »3/12/08 4:00pm3/12/08 4:00pm