After getting the boot a few years ago, Miss J.

After getting the boot a few years ago, Miss J. Alexander will be rejoining Tyra and Kelly Cutrone as the third judge on the panel of the next cycle of America's Next Top Model. The fourth judge will be the audience, who can vote on contestants' photo shoots in real time—starting February 20—as the show is filming.… »2/14/14 4:45pm2/14/14 4:45pm


Which Celeb Had the Best Dress at the Heart Truth Red Dress Event?

Last night, the 11th annual Heart Truth Red Dress fashion show kicked off New York Fashion Week. The event is sponsored by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute; Surgeon General Dr. Regina Benjamin told ABC News: "Heart disease is the number one killer of women in this country and we want to raise awareness of… »2/07/13 12:50pm2/07/13 12:50pm

'America's Next Top Model': Makeovers!!!!!!

Makeover week is probably the most exciting part of each cycle of ANTM. Everybody loves to witness a transformation, but what we love more is to see girls cry when sadist Tyra Banks orders their hair cut off. Last night, the girls were taken to Ken Paves, the man famous for being Jessica Simpson's gay boyfriend. It… »10/11/07 10:30am10/11/07 10:30am