I Asked Iyanla Vanzant to Fix My Life

Last month, when Iyanla Vanzant’s Fix My Life returned to television for its fifth season, it marked the second decade of her relationship with America as television’s tell-like-it-is auntie. For 20 years, she’s been offering life advice and therapeutic expertise, perhaps more enduring than any other self-help expert… »10/23/15 12:20pm10/23/15 12:20pm


Model's Black Market Butt Injections Leave Her Life and Career in Painful Shambles

Several years ago, Anivia Cruz-Dilworth was a successful plus-size model in high demand. The picture of flawlessness she presented to the world, however, came at a steep price. Now, the former model, whose career ambition drove her to elective black market plastic surgery, suffers from nonstop physical and emotional… »10/12/15 1:50pm10/12/15 1:50pm