Ivy League Admissions Are a Sham: Confessions of a Harvard Gatekeeper

I graduated from Harvard in 2006, and have spent eight of the last nine years working as an admissions officer for my alma mater. A low-level volunteer, sure, but an official one all the same. I served as one of thousands of alumni volunteers around the world—a Regional Representative for my local Schools Committee,… »3/18/15 2:47pm3/18/15 2:47pm

Abercrombie Drops the Bullshit About Its 'Ivy League Heritage'

Abercrombie & Fitch was once the hottest thing going in high schools across these fifty, nifty United States. Lately, though, American teens aren't interested in paying so much as a basket of overripe plums for some tattered A&F jeans. That's got the company doing some soul-searching about its #brand #identity. »6/10/14 4:00pm6/10/14 4:00pm

Harvard Student Magazine Satirist Writes Racist Garbage, Doesn't Understand Satire

Harvard — the storied Ivy League that's produced many great comedic writers well-versed in the time-honored rich people traditions of "joshing" and "ribbing" — has apparently lost its edge/mind. The art of subtle satire has been one of the staples of their comedy scene for quite some time — turning out the likes of… »10/14/12 8:15pm10/14/12 8:15pm

Tongue-in-Cheek Female Rap Missive Is Latest In The Ivy League Douche Wars

From the annual Harvard-Yale football game to the charming "Penetrate The Puss" t-shirts worn by Penn basketball enthusiasts (Princeton's mascot is a tiger), here's the latest in that whole thing that nobody cares about except about 2% of actual Ivy Leaguers: "The Ivy League Hustle (I Went To Princeton, Bitch)" a… »5/26/12 12:00pm5/26/12 12:00pm

Aliza Shvarts: The Halloween How-To For Harvard Students

Aliza Shvarts '08 is more than just an alleged abortion-inducer; according to our commenters, she is also a style icon of sorts. In fact, we predict that come Halloween, students all over Cambridge and other rival Ivies will be dressing up as the suddenly-notorious art student from that other East Coast institution of… »4/18/08 1:30pm4/18/08 1:30pm

Dear Ivy League Virgins: Did You Ever Think Maybe Fucking Once In Awhile Would Make You More Fun?

What if I had stayed a virgin? I entertain this thought sometimes, like when reading the New York Times Magazine story on Ivy League virgins. The difference between Ivy League virgins and regular virgins is that while regular virgins are scared of kids and Eternal Damnation, Ivy League virgins are scared of oxytocin.… »3/31/08 12:00pm3/31/08 12:00pm