Sexual Abuse By Aid Workers Is Underreported In Developing, Struggling Nations

There's no way to sugarcoat or qualify this: news wires are abuzz with reports of widespread abuse of minors by UN peacekeepers and other humanitarian workers in post-conflict nations. According to a report released today by UK nonprofit Save the Children that focuses on the Ivory Coast, Haiti, and southern Sudan,… »5/27/08 9:30am5/27/08 9:30am

"Small" Bottoms Are The Least Of Some Women's Problems

The hot new dance craze in the Ivory Coast is "Bobaraba," which translates to "Big Bottom." The problem? Some women are worried that their derrieres are not up to par, so they're getting black market injections for more junk in the trunk. Ivorian gynecologist Dr. Marcel Sissoko says the injections might be dangerous,… »2/19/08 4:30pm2/19/08 4:30pm