Local News Team Oddly Baffled By Jail Giving Birth Control to Inmates 

Some county jails in Tennessee are now providing long-acting, reversible birth control to inmates who request it. Although the program is, as far as we know, entirely voluntary, it’s being framed as a controversial choice by a local news station, which insinuates that it’s a waste of taxpayer money. »11/03/15 1:50pm11/03/15 1:50pm


Just Like All Your Proselytizing Friends, Medical Experts Wonder Why You Haven't Gotten an IUD Yet

Much like all of your friends who’ve gotten IUDs and now proselytize relentlessly, a committee repping the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists is encouraging doctors across America to tell patients about their long-acting reversible contraceptive options. »10/26/15 12:10pm10/26/15 12:10pm

Former Teen Mom Bristol Palin Is Very Upset That Washington Teens Can Get IUDs

Bristol Palin, scion of Sarah Palin, seven months pregnant in an “I got ahead of myself” situation, is mad about birth control. Specifically, she is mad about Washington teenagers having access to low-cost, long-acting, reversible birth control like IUDs. OK, Bristol. Let’s do this. You really want to do this?
»10/09/15 11:20am10/09/15 11:20am

Colorado Republicans Refuse to Fund Free IUDs for Teens

Hey, remember that subsidized-IUDs-for-teens program in Colorado? The one that many credit with dramatically reducing the teen pregnancy rate? Well, an attempt to get it state funding just bit the dust in a Republican-controlled state legislature committee. Of course! Because who gives a shit about actually reducing… »5/08/15 1:10pm5/08/15 1:10pm

Crisis Pregnancy Center Worker Told a Woman Her IUD Was 'Your Baby' 

A new investigation from NARAL Pro-Choice California finds that—surprise!—crisis pregnancy centers are still lying to women, delivering their trademark mixture of shame, guilt, misinformation and outright lies to persuade them not to have abortions. An undercover NARAL worker was told by a CPC employee that her IUD,… »3/16/15 11:00am3/16/15 11:00am

Physicians Advise Offering IUDs to Teenagers Because Duh

The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology has issued a new guideline suggesting that IUDs and contraceptive implants should be offered to teenage patients. The group says that long-acting, reversible contraceptive methods have much higher success rates than short-acting methods (like condoms, patches, rings,… »9/21/12 8:20pm9/21/12 8:20pm

Why Do So Many New Mothers Choose Sterilization?

New mothers interested in long term birth control typically have two options after giving birth. One is completely reversible and renewable every 5 to 10 years, the other is permanent, more expensive, and difficult to reverse. It seems that, for women in a position to choose, the . Why, then, do so many women opt for… »8/27/11 11:35am8/27/11 11:35am