Even Breitbart Says Trump Is 'Confused' About Cheering New Jersey Muslims He Claims to Have Seen On 9/11 

Candied yam riddled with moldy spider carcasses Donald Trump managed to involve himself in yet another controversy this weekend, when he claimed to have seen footage of huge crowds of New Jersey Muslims cheering wildly on September 11, 2001. Those Muslims were imaginary. Even the most conservative news outlets can’t… »11/23/15 10:03am11/23/15 10:03am

Donald Trump on How His Fascist Plan to Track Muslims Is Different Than Nazis: 'You Tell Me'

On November 17, lead paint factory explosion Donald Trump was “open to” the idea of forcing all Muslims in the United States to belong to a database system tracking their movements, he told Yahoo. By Thursday, he was saying he would “absolutely” implement that plan, stonily responding “You tell me” to an NBC reporter… »11/20/15 8:37am11/20/15 8:37am

Donald Trump Would Support Registry for Muslim-Americans; A Literal Fascist Now Leading GOP Polls

In the summer of 1938, the Hitler regime began requiring Jews to carry identification cards identifying their religion, and carry passports stamped with the letter J. In 2015, Donald Trump, a dishrag that on closer inspection is alive with maggots, told Yahoo that he would be looking “very, very carefully” at mosques… »11/19/15 1:00pm11/19/15 1:00pm

British Salon Owner Arrested for Announcing She Won't Book Any 'Muslin or Islamic Client'

A British beauty parlor owner named April Major has been arrested for a series of Facebook posts in which she announced that her fake eyelash emporium, Blinks of Bicester, would no longer book “Muslin” (yep) or “Islamic” clients. “Sorry but time to put my country first,” she wrote. »11/16/15 9:10am11/16/15 9:10am

Oregon City Councilor Calls Muslims 'Pure Evil,' Threatens to Deliver 'Ass Whooping' to Trans Kids

Welcome to Big Time Small-Time Dicks, a regular column on The Slot that explores local politicians, small-town scandals, and everything else making life miserable on a local level. Know a small time person who is a big time dick we should feature? Email us. »11/12/15 1:10pm11/12/15 1:10pm

Priyanka Chopra Shines In ABC's Intriguing Terrorism Mystery Quantico

ABC’s diversity train is not slowing down with the debut of Quantico, an FBI crime drama starring Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra as a steely female agent. It’s a feminist series led by an Indian actress, which is groundbreaking in itself. Let’s see whether the thriller does, or does not, make viewers tune in. »9/27/15 2:45pm9/27/15 2:45pm

CNN Has an Interesting Take on the Arrest of a 14-Year-Old Clockmaking Boy

Wednesday morning, Texas ninth grader Ahmed Mohamed brought a homemade clock to school to show to his teachers. However, an English teacher thought it was a bomb and Mohamed was arrested shortly after. Since then, Mohamed has been invited to the White House, Facebook, Google, and multiple universities for being such a… »9/16/15 5:20pm9/16/15 5:20pm

No Charges for Ahmed Mohamed As He's Invited to Facebook HQ and the White House 

Today is turning around nicely for Ahmed Mohamed, the ninth grader in Irving, Texas arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school. President Obama and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, among other people, would like to hang out with him. Also, in a move that may be related to all this publicity, Irving police have… »9/16/15 2:35pm9/16/15 2:35pm

Scott Walker Hones Crucial 'Muslims Bad' Platform

Wisconsin governor, presidential candidate and deep thinker Scott Walker will not be apologizing, exactly, for a recent statement that there are only a “handful” of “reasonable, moderate followers of Islam.” Walker’s campaign told one newspaper everyone is “reading too much” into the comment. Meanwhile, the candidate… »8/24/15 12:00pm8/24/15 12:00pm

George Zimmerman Teams Up with Anti-Muslim Gun Shop to Make Confederate Flag Art

George Zimmerman, the human embodiment of both the flawed American justice system and everything that can go wrong in one person’s soul, is now making Confederate flag art. He’s teamed up with a Florida gun shop owner who declared his business a “Muslim-free zone.” Perfect. That’s perfect. »8/18/15 10:15am8/18/15 10:15am

Pamela Geller: Our Muhammad Cartoon Exhibit Went Great

Founder of the American Freedom Defense Initiative and all-person Islam-hater Pamela Geller seems—dare we say it—pretty pleased that two lunatics came to the AFDI’s “Draw Muhammad” cartoon exhibition and shot a security guard before being killed by police. In interviews and on her blog, Geller says the violence proves… »5/05/15 1:20pm5/05/15 1:20pm

After Shooting, Anti-Islam Blogger Pam Geller Declares 'This is War'

As a “Draw Muhammad” cartoon contest in Texas came to an end Sunday night, two men opened fire on a security guard standing outside. They were then killed by police. The event was hosted by an anti-Islam group, the American Freedom Defense Initiative. In the moments after the shooting, Pamela Geller, the group’s… »5/04/15 4:00pm5/04/15 4:00pm

Muslim Women Shockingly Not Grateful for Topless European Ladies Trying To 'Save' Them

FEMEN, the "sextremist" feminist group known for staging topless protests, declared yesterday "International Topless Jihad Day" in solidarity with Amina Tyler, a 19 year old Tunisian activist who had received death threats after posting topless pictures of herself to Femen's Tunisian Facebook page. She had written… »4/05/13 1:10pm4/05/13 1:10pm

The AP Says No More 'Homophobia," 'Islamophobia,' or 'Ethnic Cleansing'

In the past few months, the AP has removed homophobia, Islamophobia, and ethnic cleansing from their Style Book, explaining that "'-phobia,' 'an irrational, uncontrollable fear, often a form of mental illness' should not be used 'in political or social contexts,' including 'homophobia' and 'Islamophobia.' It also… »11/26/12 9:15pm11/26/12 9:15pm

Congratulations, Michele Bachmann! Huma Abedin Now Getting Death Threats

Someone call Michele Bachmann and let her know that she's finally obtained the ranking of Asshole Eagle Scout. Huma Abedin — the Pakistani-American Hillary Clinton aide whom Bachmann and several other nuttier-than-a-fruitcake Congressmen alleged had close ties with the Muslim Brotherhood — has begun receiving death… »7/23/12 12:15pm7/23/12 12:15pm