This Bored CNN Reporter Accidentally Caught on Livestream Is an Artist and an Icon 

President Obama and French President Hollande gave a joint press conference at the White House today at noon to discuss the war against ISIS, but the real excitement began well before they arrived, when the camera made completely accidental love to CNN’s Jim Acosta for approximately 30 minutes.

Dilbert Creator Scott Adams: If I Couldn't Get Laid, I'd Be a Suicide Bomber, Too

Scott Adams—the man behind everyone’s favorite suicidal coffee mug adornment—has some thoughts he’d like to share with the world. No, this time it’s not about how much of a genius he is (not to brag). Nor is it about how rapes aren’t the rapist’s fault (they can’t help themselves!). Instead, today, Scott Adams would…


French President Francois Hollande Calls ISIL Attacks Against Paris 'An Act of War'

Early today the Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attacks on Paris that left at least 127 dead and many injured. ISIL called the attacks a “blessed battle” of revenge. “A group of believers from the soldiers of the Caliphate set out targeting the capital of prostitution and vice, the lead carrier of the…