The First Gay Marriages in Ireland Have Now Officially Been Performed

Hot on the heels of this morning’s announcement that same-sex marriage is now legal in Ireland, the first gay couple to be lawfully wed has come forward to make their long-term relationship legal. Cormac Gollogly and Richard Dowling have been together for 12 years and couldn’t be happier that their partnership is… »11/17/15 2:51pm11/17/15 2:51pm


Liam Neeson Narrated a Pro-Choice Ad for Amnesty International and People Are Maaaaaad

In the run-up to Ireland’s general election next spring, one of the biggest issues is quickly becoming whether the country will vote to repeal the Eighth Amendment, which places a near-total ban on abortion. Liam Neeson recently did a voiceover for an ad advocating that the law be repealed, leading to an epidemic of… »10/21/15 11:30am10/21/15 11:30am

Woman Possibly Killed in 1832 Mass Murder Returned to Ireland for Burial

In 1832, 29-year-old widow Catherine Burns left Derry, Northern Ireland for Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where she would soon find work at Duffy’s Cut, a railroad construction site staffed by Irish Catholics about thirty miles outside the city. Less than two months later, Catherine—and several others—would disappear… »7/23/15 6:00pm7/23/15 6:00pm

Irish Religious Leaders Prepare For Historic Gay Marriage Vote

On May 22, the Republic of Ireland will be making a historical vote on the legalization of gay marriage. A poll from The Irish Times suggests more votes are in favor of the measure at 58 percent, while the opposed are at 25 percent and with 17 percent were undecided. If passed, the rights of gay married couples will… »5/17/15 7:05pm5/17/15 7:05pm

Furious Brides Loot Shop That Cheated Them Out Of Wedding Gowns

A group of angry brides descended upon a bridal shop in Limerick, Ireland when the proprietor didn’t make good on her promise to provide dresses for their wedding. To show her exactly what they thought of her business practices, they gutted her shop, grabbed any dress they could and ran. One bride, more enterprising… »5/12/15 7:50pm5/12/15 7:50pm

Let's All Take a 1965 'Bachelor Party' Tour for Singles to Ireland! 

Hey there, sexy singles. It's Saint Patrick's Day after a long, harsh winter, and so I know you've got the urge to travel. Well, consider this 1965 brochure issued by one Gramercy Tours for a 21-day jaunt to Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales. Special twist: It's a Bachelor Party, just for single people. »3/17/15 3:30pm3/17/15 3:30pm

Brain-Dead Irish Woman Being Kept On Life Support Because of Pregnancy

An Irish woman in her mid-to-late 20s is being kept alive on life support against her family's wishes because she is 16 weeks pregnant. The woman is reported to be clinically brain-dead after suffering severe head trauma and a subsequent blood clot in her brain. The case will likely end in court, with her family… »12/18/14 9:50am12/18/14 9:50am

N. Irish Anti-Abortion Activist Convicted of Harassing Clinic Director

Bernadette "Bernie" Smyth, one of Northern Ireland's most prominent anti-abortion activists—she has picketed the country's only abortion clinic since the day it opened—has been convicted of harassing the clinic's director. Smyth was convicted today of two counts of harassment against Dawn Purvis, who runs the Belfast… »11/19/14 1:10pm11/19/14 1:10pm