"Driving Means Someone Is Brave": Women Return To Iraqi Roads

It's a freedom many of us take for granted, but driving has just become possible again for some Iraqi women. Though women were once common on Iraqi roads — they're not legally barred from driving as they are in Saudi Arabia — the U.S. invasion and subsequent violence brought the number of women drivers to almost zero.… » 12/02/08 6:20pm 12/02/08 6:20pm

"Love Has To Be Calculated In Iraq Today... They Think Women Are…

Iraq is not an easy place to do much of anything these days, but perhaps most tragically, it is an impossible place to love, which is to say, "someone else." Shia men married to Sunni women are regularly forced to divorce their wives, and vice versa. Rand Abdel-Qader was beaten to death by her father and brothers for… » 6/04/08 2:00pm 6/04/08 2:00pm