The Daily Show Lampoons Jeb Bush's Iraq War Tapdance

This week Jeb Bush forgot that when you’re running for president, even secretly, you must distance yourself from the last guy’s mistakes, even if that guy’s your brother whose name is George and his mistake was invading Iraq. On The Daily Show, Jon Stewart tackled Jeb (pronounced Heb) and his struggles in the best way… »5/15/15 10:10am5/15/15 10:10am


Jon Stewart Grilling Iraq War Slimeball Judith Miller Is Very Satisfying

“So, so, so... euuuggh boy.” These were the first words Jon Stewart said to former New York Times reporter Judith Miller and Wednesday night Daily Show guest, and though they do not complete a sentence, within them there is so much history, resignation, and blame. Then, he came right out with it: “My feeling has… »4/30/15 10:50am4/30/15 10:50am

Iraqi Dog Is On Route To US • Nebraska To Rewrite Safe-Haven Law

• Ratchet, the adopted Iraqi pup of US soldier Gwen Beberg, was picked up yesterday »10/20/08 5:30pm10/20/08 5:30pm by Baghdad Pups and is expected to arrive in Beberg's hometown later this week. • A 29-year-old man in Michigan was on Thursday for using a car wash vacuum for his "sexual pleasure." • British authorities that Chinese-made "I Love…

Another Iraq Vet Arrested For SO's Death • Maternity Leave Makes Euros Afraid Of Women

Where is the mental health outreach for our veterans? John Wylie Needham, an Iraq war veteran who described himself as "falling apart at the seams" upon returning from combat, has been arrested »9/03/08 5:30pm9/03/08 5:30pm for beating his girlfriend to death in Orange County, California. • New reports about in young women who have received shots…