Science Confirms that Smoking Weed in High School Makes People Stupid

Smoking a lot of weed in adolescence turns burgeoning human people into shiftless idiots, in so many words, according to the findings from a 20-year study of 1,000 people in New Zealand. Researchers gathered from every corner of the globe to figure out how cannabis use — that's science for "smoking a bowl" — affected… »8/27/12 11:15pm8/27/12 11:15pm

Ladies Don't Speak Up in Meetings Because Smart People Make Us Feel Dumb

The news that feeling insecure about speaking up in a meeting is "all in your head" is supposed to be "good" news, according to the jerks at the Today show. See, a recent study from the Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute found that when people work in small groups, their IQ can lower if the folks around them… »2/23/12 11:45am2/23/12 11:45am