A Pendant-Locked Secret Diary For a Generation Raised on Tablets

Long gone are the days when kids would keep their innermost thoughts and secrets hidden away in a diary. For the most part they're happy to share everything on Facebook and Twitter these days, and in the rare event they'd actually want to keep something secret, there's now an iPad app that protects their private… »5/27/13 9:14pm5/27/13 9:14pm

Someday Buying a Vibrator Will Be as Boring as Buying an iPod

What if buying a vibrator were as commonplace and uneventful as popping into the Apple store for an iPod or buying a juicer from Williams-Sonoma? That's exactly what Ethan Imboden, founder of the company Jimmyjane is aiming for, and he's well on his way to achieving it. For nearly a decade, he's been a pioneer in… »5/15/12 1:30pm5/15/12 1:30pm

Chinese Teenager Unwisely Sells His Kidney So He Can Buy an iPad

Teenagers are renowned for their love of electronic gadgets and their poor judgment, and it seems these two things have come together in a rather unfortunate way for one teen in central China. A 17-year-old high school student apparently traded his kidney for money to buy an iPhone and an iPad. Five people have now… »4/08/12 11:55pm4/08/12 11:55pm

Imagine, if You Will, a World Where You Can Play Tiny Tower During Takeoff

Frequent air travelers, rejoice! That painful period during take-off and landing when you're not allowed to use your electronic devices might soon be a lot more bearable. The Federal Aviation Administration said yesterday that it will work with airlines and other involved parties to find a way to determine whether… »3/20/12 10:20am3/20/12 10:20am

Study Confirms That iPad Is Just Expensive Bathroom Reading

In a recent study by Staples, 80% of tablet owners said they bought them to help achieve improved work/life balance — and by that they meant they want to surf the web while pooping. Respondents said they take their devices just about everywhere, and for 35% that even means the bathroom. The next time you receive a… »8/24/11 10:20am8/24/11 10:20am

Introducing Cosmo For Guys: For Men Who Want To Question Their Own Bedroom Skills

Ladies, we've finally achieved gender equality. With this commercial, Hearst announced the release of CFG: Cosmo for Guys, its first iPad-only magazine. It promises to supply men with the same moronic sex tips and inane musings on how to tell if your partner's cheating that ladies have been burdened with for… »8/02/11 12:45pm8/02/11 12:45pm