Rumor: Heidi Cruz Is So Repulsed by Iowans She Has to Shower Multiple Times a Day

In preparation for tonight’s caucuses, Ted Cruz has spent nearly three-quarters of the past month campaigning in Iowa. That means his darling wife, Heidi Cruz, has also had to spend a lot of time in Iowa. And according to a source familiar with the Cruz family, Iowa is Heidi Cruz’s own living hell.

Carly Fiorina Hijacks Preschool Field Trip to Hold Anti-Abortion Rally

One of the things Carly Fiorina learned as CEO of HP was how to make use of available resources. On Wednesday, that meant capitalizing on the presence of little kids while on a campaign stop at the Greater Des Moines botanical garden. No longer were they preschoolers on a field trip—now, without the permission of…


Carly Fiorina Also Doesn't Think You Should Have to Vaccinate Your Kids 

Here is the “middle ground” on vaccines as it exists in America today: don’t vaccinate your kids if your Internet message board/life coach/talking dog sidekick advises against it, but a public school may bar you from enrolling. That’s the stance Carly Fiorina took when talking to a potential voter and mother of five…