I Don’t Care if Kids Can't Go to the Wedding, Just Make the Invite Clear

Are adult-only weddings selfish? Are weddings with kids lame? Before we even try to answer that, I’ve got a more pressing concern: Approximately 99 percent of the time I’m invited to a wedding, I can’t even tell if it’s OK to bring my kid or not, so I have to spend extra time and effort deciding whether or not I… »7/02/15 12:00pm7/02/15 12:00pm

Silent Bridal Showers Are Real, and They're Shameless

Everyone knows that the point of a shower (wedding or baby) is to get presents. Most people, however, at least pretend to believe the polite fiction that showers are a time to get together and celebrate, because it’s inappropriate to just go after people for money without even pretending you want to see them. Not… »6/11/15 12:50pm6/11/15 12:50pm

Just Tell Your Friends That You Can’t Afford to Go to Their Expensive Wedding, Okay?

A friend of yours is getting married and you’re invited. Yay! Well, maybe not yay, not always, but still — you might see some old friends, there might be plenty of free booze, and there will be an entire mountain of cake to be eaten, unless of course the people getting married are weird and adopted a zero tolerance… »4/30/13 10:30pm4/30/13 10:30pm