Kony 2012 Crew Returns to Save Africa and the World

Oh great: Invisible Children's Jason Russell is back in business (with his pants on, hopefully) with a new campaign. I can see the Upworthy headline now: You Won't Believe How Easy It Is To Track Warlord Joseph Kony Down. Soo easy, you guys! They've even provided a handy infographic, above, that clearly illustrates… »10/04/13 5:48pm10/04/13 5:48pm


The Return of Kony 2012 Mastermind Jason Russell, Now With 80% Less Psychosis

Invisible Children co-founder and Kony 2012 director Jason Russell, fresh out of the hospital from his highly-publicized nervous breakdown, was back in finger-snapping glory when he sat down with Oprah yesterday to talk about his meltdown and his new campaign. (But mostly about his meltdown.) Russell's not exactly… »10/08/12 11:40am10/08/12 11:40am

Kony 2012 Director Jason Russell to Tell Oprah All About His Breakdown

We may never know how Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony spent the past seven months after Kony 2012 fever struck the world, but soon we'll know how Invisible Children co-founder and alleged public masturbator Jason Russell spent his: the director behind the controversial (and obnoxious) Kony documentary, who was… »10/01/12 11:10am10/01/12 11:10am

Kony's Henchmen Speak Out Against 'Manipulative' Kony 2012 Campaign

If you've been following Invisible Children's Kony 2012 campaign (and you probably have — it's not like we've had much choice in the matter), you know that the movement's goal is to make warlord Joseph Kony the world's #1 most wanted man. But when Invisible Children's executive director Ben Keesey said he thought… »4/09/12 3:00pm4/09/12 3:00pm

Here's Everything You Need to Know About the Kony 2012 Sequel You Didn't Ask For

Guess who's back? Kony2012: Part 11 — Beyond Famous (which sounds like a title Kanye would come up with) is live. The nearly 20-minute-long sequel by nonprofit Invisible Children is less incendiary than its predecessor and will almost certainly get less pageviews, but critics will have a harder time arguing with its… »4/05/12 1:50pm4/05/12 1:50pm

Get Excited for the Kony 2012 Sequel You Didn't Ask For

Does anyone have even one lone Facebook friend — perhaps a super sheltered tween cousin, or a 90-year-old grandparent — who still wholeheartedly believes in Invisible Children's Kony 2012 campaign? The nonprofit's first video, which demanded the capture of dictator Joseph Kony and has been viewed upwards of 86… »4/02/12 5:00pm4/02/12 5:00pm

Invisible Children Exec Makes Super Inappropriate Joke About Keeping Charity Donations for Himself

You'd think that after your company's co-founder was caught on camera naked and aggressively fondling himself outside of SeaWorld, you'd be extra sensitive to the existence of your own embarrassing videos, but not so with Invisible Children's Director of Ideology (that is not a real job) Jedidiah Jenkins. Back in… »3/27/12 2:40pm3/27/12 2:40pm

Jason Russell Is Taking the Whole Anti-Kony Campaign Down with Him

What's the worst part about budding cinematographer Jason Russell's epic, queen-snapping meltodwn on a San Diego street corner last week? Is it the fact that his family now bears the brunt of his rehabilitation? Is it harrowing proof that internet trends subject their creators to levels of stress the human psyche was… »3/24/12 5:00pm3/24/12 5:00pm

A Brief History of 'Dehydration,' the Go-To Celebrity Alibi

Why is newly infamous Invisible Children co-founder Jason Russell getting so much flack for attributing his recent public naked meltdown to "dehydration"? It may seem ridiculous to blame such erratic and disturbing actions on a lack of fluids, but Russell's a celebrity now, and dehydration has been the go-to excuse of… »3/22/12 5:00pm3/22/12 5:00pm

Ben Keesey Is Here to Calmly Answer Your Concerns About Invisible Children

Addressing criticism over the slickness and imprecision of last week's "Kony 2012" video, CEO of Invisible Children Ben Keesey donned an earnest charcoal suit and talked to a camera for eight and half minutes about how his NGO isn't nearly as nefarious, careless, or unwittingly harmful as everyone seems to believe.… »3/12/12 9:18pm3/12/12 9:18pm

Kony 2012 and Invisible Children are Funded by Antigay Creationist Groups

We're still waiting on the new Kony 2012 video, supposedly slated to go live later today, that will answer all of our concerns about Invisible Children's finances and goals, but we have some idea of what we can expect: earnest proclamations about how "uncomplicated" it is to bring Joseph Kony down and reassurances… »3/12/12 3:15pm3/12/12 3:15pm