Ladies Are Good at Money, When We're Not Terrified of It

Let’s face it: Even though women live longer than men and will logically need more money in the long run, we aren’t so into financial planning. It's our fear of being a bag lady that keeps (most of) our savings accounts flush, but we’re don't always invest our yams elsewhere. However, the tide may be turning. » 3/31/14 12:00pm 3/31/14 12:00pm

Goldman Sachs Is Confused, Turned Off By Urban Outfitters' Denim Tutu

A hilarious Goldman Sachs analysis of the outlook for hip youth clothing (and sometimes bedbug :( ) purveyor Urban Outfitters revealed some concerning negative indicators for potential investors in the store's parent company. Namely: denim tutus. Denim tutus! Have you ever heard as a thing as crazy as a denim tutu? » 12/18/13 4:00pm 12/18/13 4:00pm

New Report Suggests Women Don't Have the Ballin' Investment Portfolios…

A new report about the sundry ways American men and women nurture their personal finances suggests that women aren't daring enough with their investment portfolios. Financial prudence may seem like a virtue, but some money wizards would really like to appropriate Sheryl Sandberg's "lean in" phraseology and see women… » 3/22/13 6:40pm 3/22/13 6:40pm

Lady Investors Are Rare, Suggests Lady Investor, Because Women Worry…

Springboarding off of an infamous USA Today infographic (and utilizing a handy Wild, Wild West conceit), finance oracle Whitney Johnson tried her darnedest to unravel the mystery about why female leaders are still a relative rarity in the wide world of investing. It's certainly a puzzle, because, although women are… » 12/30/12 3:30pm 12/30/12 3:30pm

Mitt Romney Profits Handsomely from Premarital Fucking

Mitt Romney's unleashed some pretty tough anti-birth control talk this campaign season. He's stated repeatedly that he believes that life begins at conception, and that the morning after pill is murder. Interestingly enough, Mitt Romney's gigantic stock portfolio contains a fair amount of money actually invested in… » 2/08/12 9:45pm 2/08/12 9:45pm

Mysterious Phenomena Called 'Feelings' Make Ladies Better At Investing

Research suggests that the global financial system would be in better shape if Wall Street's risk taking big swinging dicks were replaced with financially prudent big swinging vaginas; women, it seems, are better equipped to handle investment decisions without making a big mess of things. And the reason women make… » 11/28/11 11:30am 11/28/11 11:30am

How To Treat Female Investors Like Weirdos

This video on investment advice from the Wall Street Journal has a simple message: Women are women. They're weird and need their weirdness to be attended to. But they don't want to think that you're treating them like women. » 9/01/10 3:23pm 9/01/10 3:23pm

Teen Girls Buy Into Camel Ads • Study Says Girls Who Like Sex, Have Sex

• A series of ads for Camel cigarettes launched in 2007 have proven themselves popular with an underage demographic: teen girls. Girls age 12-16 were twice as likely to list Camel as their favorite brand in 2008 than previous years. » 3/15/10 5:40pm 3/15/10 5:40pm

(Possibly) Dumb Blondes

Sara Underwood (left), 2007 Playmate of the Year, made her first investment "2 Weeks Ago!" In mutual funds! But she's "still learning, and playing it safe." Speaking of "learning", Underwood's interviewer, managing editor Kristin "The Talented Blonde" Bentz, could learn a thing or two about on-camera… » 12/27/07 12:45pm 12/27/07 12:45pm