The Ancestor Of The Menstrual Cup Was More Like A Menstrual Canteen

The first modern-style menstrual cup was patented in 1932, but that wasn’t the first time inventors turned their skills to the problem of keeping bloody goo off women’s clothes. Take, for example, this little gem from 1884. It’s a menstrual cup, attached to a reservoir big enough to last for days. »6/11/15 6:05pm6/11/15 6:05pm


Hey, Wanna Look Even Dumber? Wear This Fake Baby That's Also a Flask

Though my only evidence is the neck ache I come down with on Sundays after the weekend spent presumably whipping my hair back and forth, I am positive that I look like an idiot when I'm drinking. But, if there's anything I know for certain in this crazy life of ours, there's always room to look dumber—and this, I… »2/19/15 9:30am2/19/15 9:30am

Your Days of Pounding the Ketchup Bottle Endlessly Are Finally Over

Ketchup never seems to want to come out of its bottle. It's an age-old problem that many people claim to have solved. ("Hit the '57' on the bottle three times with the heel of your hand!" "Stick a knife up in there!" "Use a squeeze bottle!") But now a smarty-pants at MIT seems to have fixed the problem once and for… »5/28/12 9:30pm5/28/12 9:30pm