An Introvert In TV Land: Finding My Inner GPS

When a producer from The Steve Harvey Show contacted me after reading a few essays I'd published in The Huffington Post about relationships and dating, and invited me to be on the show, I didn't quite believe it to be true. I'd written "Public Service Announcement for a First Date," "Is My Dating Life Doomed?" and "… » 11/14/14 2:43pm 11/14/14 2:43pm

Your Beloved Personality Quizzes Are Generally Full of Crap

In this age of identity quizzes and lists that only introverts, extroverts or sex addicts will understand, the basis for many of these qualifications is the Myers-Briggs test. And the Myers-Briggs test is a farce, so, like, who are you again? » 7/15/14 10:00am 7/15/14 10:00am

Are You a Cranky Jerk? Time Will Take Care of That.

Are you a grouchy twenty- or thirty-something? Well, just wait a few decades and you'll mellow out. Like fine wines, human beings improve with age. » 4/22/14 1:40pm 4/22/14 1:40pm

How to Set Boundaries With People You Love

Sometimes you need a little space, even from the people you love. But these people — family, partners, close friends — can be the hardest to set boundaries with, because you don't want to push them away. Below, some tips for establishing those boundaries without being a jerk. » 3/08/12 5:10pm 3/08/12 5:10pm

How To Get Some Time To Yourself

Usually at Social Minefield we discuss ways to interact with people, but today we'll be talking about how not to interact — specifically, how to get alone time when you need it. People who are introverted may find that they need regular bouts of solitude to recharge, but everybody needs a breather from company… » 8/18/11 4:00pm 8/18/11 4:00pm