We Have Liftoff: Sister Site i09 Launches To Much (Girl Geek) Fanfare

Anxious about what the year 2008 will bring? What about 2070? Forward-focused Jezebels might want to head over to our new science-fiction sister blog, io9, which officially launches today. Described by editor Annalee Newitz as a pop-culture site in which she and her team of writers get to focus on "fantasies as well… »1/02/08 10:00am1/02/08 10:00am

Meet Anonymous Lobbyist, Your Substitute Hardened Cynic For The Next Two Weeks

Please welcome Wonkette's Anonymous Lobbyist. She'll be filling in for the next two weeks while Anna retreats to her undisclosed location — she says she's going to Australia, but I'm pretty sure that's how far I would have to say I was going to keep her from calling me on Saturday morning with some brilliant new… »10/26/07 9:30am10/26/07 9:30am

Meet "Slut Machine": Jezebel Spiritual Leader, No Longer In Hiding

My friends have asked me for some time whether "Slut Machine" is my alter ego, and though careful readers would probably realize that's impossible, today is finally the day to dispel all the rumors and unveil the slut. Slut Machine is actually the nom de plume of one Tracie Egan. Tracie and I share a lot of things:… »9/10/07 1:00pm9/10/07 1:00pm