Obama Asks Boy Scouts to Stop Being Homophobes and Admit Gays

Gay kids who want to "be prepared" alongside their straight peers got some big-time support during the Super Bowl yesterday: Barack Obama, honorary president of the Boy Scouts of America and real president of the United States, told CBS News in an interview that the Boy Scouts should lift its ban on the LGBTQ… »2/04/13 10:00am2/04/13 10:00am


New Orleans Pastor Sues the City for His Right to Shout Gay Slurs on Bourbon Street

If you've ever been on Bourbon Street in New Orleans during a big festival, after the Sugar Bowl, during Mardi Gras, or just some Tuesday night when, for like no reason, the street is packed with wandering-eyed couples from Missouri, you've seen the inevitable cluster of Christians huddling around a tall cross and… »9/20/12 11:55pm9/20/12 11:55pm

Republicans Bravely Defend Children's Right to Tell Gay Kids They're Going to Hell

The gig's up, homos — Republicans in Illinois are on to your bullshit. They know that all these pinko attempts to strengthen anti-bullying rules are all just part of the gay agenda, an attempt to actually keep the Christian kids down by stripping them of their god-given right to inform all the sissies and limp-wrists… »5/23/12 5:15pm5/23/12 5:15pm

The "Yes On Prop 8" intolerants would like all the protesters to know that Prop 8 "&q
The "Yes On Prop 8" intolerants would like all the protesters »11/06/08 4:20pm11/06/08 4:20pm to know that Prop 8 "" and that they have no plans to seek to restrict the rights of the LGBT community any further. Marriage isn't any big deal, gay people! California resident Melissa Etheridge disagrees rather vociferously and is , since the state…